How does hotel valet parking works in Singapore?

Every potential guest who is looking for a good place to stay in Singapore should be interested to learn about hotel valet parking.

Learning about proper etiquette as well as what to expect from a valet if you are looking to avail the services of hotel valet parking.

This article will explain in detail everything there is to learn about hotel valet parking in Singapore and what to expect when you are looking to avail of their services.

Hotel valet an option

The role of the hotel valet is to provide convenience to guests for car parking. Although most of the hotels have hotel valet parking as an option and is not compulsory.

If you are already accustomed to parking your own car and don’t need help from a valet professional, you can do that on your own.

Availing the hotel valet parking services will offer more benefits since you will not be required to walk towards your car to get it like every day. Simply contacting your valet service manager will bring your car to the entrance without a hitch.

Located at the door of the hotel

Although this one is basically a sure thing that goes without every hotel valet parking in the world. You will only see valet professionals at the entrance of your hotel, located outside.

This is important to consider since your car will be handled at the time you arrive at the doorstep.

The valet will take the car keys from you can park to the nearest place suitable. Once you are looking to depart from the hotel, the valet will bring the car and return the car keys safe and sound.

How to perform valet at home in Singapore?

Takes vehicle keys from customer to park

As we have explained before, the customers have to provide the keys to the valet professionals so that they can park their car easily.

Most of the time, guest turns off the ignition before they could give them the keys, although it’s important to let the ignition work as it will reduce the time for the valet to park the car and limits congestion at the entrance point of the hotel.

Gives ticket for vehicle retrieval on departure

Once you provide the keys to the corresponding valet professional, the next thing you’ll receive from them is a ticket for vehicle retrieval during departure.

Make sure you keep that ticket with you as that will be used as your identification card towards the hotel valet parking company to find your car without any trouble.

Most of the time, you can contact the valet personnel when you are about to leave the premises either through direct call or let them know through the counter. When they bring your car to the entrance, they will let you know that your car is waiting.

Pay driver a tip when they hand you keys

Paying the tip to the valet comes under basic etiquette for being considerate. There are no fixed rates for the tip, and you can give them how many you are willing.

Not giving any tip will also not affect anyone and is simply regarded as a personal choice. In any case, it’s normal to pay a tip to the hotel valet parking professional after they brought the car to the entrance.

What are the etiquette to deal with parking valet?

In and out privileges means no additional cost

Depending on various hotels, the hotel valet parking is sometimes not covered by the hotel’s room cost. This is when there’s no mention of In and out privileges.

Whenever you see something at the hotel reservation website, In and Out privileges, it means there is no extra cost payable by the guest to avail hotel valet parking.

Let them know if you need the car on arrival

This is one of the best features people prefer hotel valet parking service because simply letting them know to bring the car to arrive at the doorsteps, the valet will bring it and will let you know so that you don’t have to wait to stand at the outside of the hotel.

In another aspect, if you are just dropping off from a hotel venue within few minutes, let the valet personnel know that you don’t need the vehicle to be parked, and will be taking off in a moment. This will let the valet expert remain vigilant and keep the car at the entrance for few minutes.

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