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What is traffic Marshal or Road Marshal?

A traffic marshal is an operative trained to direct vehicles in an event site, construction site or a specific venue. They facilitate the movement of traffic by guiding them to the right location for parking or directions. They also ensure the safety of vehicles maneuvering about at the venue. In most situations, they are also in-charged of answering the questions of visitors that they might have.

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Why do we need a Traffic Marshal or Road Marshal?

At venues, especially at events, the safety of the visitors is of the highest priority as an event organiser. Therefore, in order to make sure that pedestrians and vehicles are kept safe, traffic marshals are assigned to the event.

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Preztigez Traffic Marshals

Marshals at Preztigez Asia are trained, experienced and equipped with the latest communication technologies. We are well-versed traffic marshals in Singapore that can handle different event situations that require these road marshals.

We are also Singapore’s trusted traffic marshal provider that can ensure that safety and congestion prevention are kept to the highest levels. We also trains our marshal team to work with our valet service team to handle different enquiries so that guests and drivers will have pleasant experiences at the event venue.


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Since 2001, our company’s founders have worked at every level of the valet operations and limousine industry. That focus on experience and the knowledge only working on the job can bring carries over to our hiring practices. You can rest assured that each professional valet driver employed by our business has a minimum of two years in the industry and a solid, dependable driving track record.

With more than 40 high-quality drivers, we can cater to guest lists of all sizes, and our short response time ensures we can work with even the most demanding schedules. Our business carries public liability insurance covering up to S$2,000,000 – one of the highest of any company in our industry – to protect the property and interests of our guests. In addition, we also provide extensive workmen’s compensation to our drivers to ensure their safety.

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