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Professional Personal Drivers in Singapore

A personal driver is someone who provides transportation from one location to another. The personal driver has to answer to the needs and wants of the employer or passenger. They will mostly use the employer’s vehicles to drive passengers to where they need to go.

Looking for a private driver that can help you out with your transportation needs? Preztigez Asia brings you the best personal driver service in Singapore. Our personal drivers are trained professionals who will place your safety first. Apart from having long years of experience on the road, they also trained to handle customers with care.

Be it personal drivers or corporate drivers, we offer the most competitive rates for all valet services in Singapore. Depending on your requirement, we can offer our private hire drivers on an hourly or contractual basis.

Limousine Singapore

Corporate Drivers

If you are in need of drivers for corporate purposes, rest assured that our cars and chauffeurs at Preztigez Asia will bring your clients, your colleagues, and you from point A to B in a clean, comfortable and convenient private vehicle.

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Since 2001, our company’s founders have worked at every level of the valet operations and limousine industry. That focus on experience and the knowledge only working on the job can bring carries over to our hiring practices. You can rest assured that each valet employed by our business has a minimum of two years in the industry and a solid, dependable driving track record.

With more than 40 high-quality drivers, we can cater to guest lists of all sizes, and our short response time ensures we can work with even the most demanding schedules. Our business carries public liability insurance covering up to S$2,000,000 – one of the highest of any company in our industry – to protect the property and interests of our guests. In addition, we also provide extensive workmen’s compensation to our drivers to ensure their safety.

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