What are the etiquette to deal with parking valet?

Parking valet is a service for customer’s convenience and it greatly assists them in handling the parking part when visiting any place where they have a valet service.

Although being a responsible customer there is some etiquette that needs to be understood for a trouble-free parking valet which improves the overall experience of the customer at the same time.

Be alert at the drop-off area

The customer when coming near the drop-off area or entrance area, the parking valet operation will be underworking.

The process of parking a vehicle through valet requires that customer comes near the entrance only when the valet organizers direct them towards it.

It might be possible that some other vehicle would be parked near the entrance, which means guests are coming out of the car and valet personnel needs to adjust themselves to drive the vehicle out of the drop zone area.

For that time, you must patiently wait in your car and don’t sound the horn to make things go in a rush manner, it’s absolutely against parking valet etiquette.

Take valuables

If you have valuables inside your car, it’s better to take them out. Things like jewelry, money, or some item worthy of a lot of money.

This is also something many parking valet companies advise their clients to keep their valuables out of the car because, in case of loss of the item, the company will not be responsible.

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Take whatever needed for the day or night

You might visit a particular place with a parking valet during the day or night, and you may need something from your car for that duration. Make sure to take whatever is needed for that time.

When the car is being parked, the client can know for sure where the car has been parked. If clients need to take out something from the car, they need to walk all the way where their car is being parked, which is tiring as well as inconvenient for every one guest and valet included.

Leave car running

This is considered as most important etiquette for parking valet which is to make sure that you keep the car running and don’t turn off the switch.

This helps make things move faster and beneficial for the customer as well because if the car takes time to start, it will be a matter of embarrassment in front of everyone, including coming guests and valet crew.

Give them remote control fob

Some automatic car has a remote control fob for separate features, like locking truck, bonnet, etc.

The customer should give the frequency operate button if the car has it as well as explain a bit about which button does what.

It all comes under the basic etiquette of letting the valet driver park your car on your behalf in an event.

Wait for the valet attendant

Valet will take some time to bring your car back during your departure from the venue. During all that time, all you have to do is wait patiently for the valet attendant to bring your car back.

Some people ask them urgently to bring a car faster, it’s not the case because, during rush hours, it’s possible a single attendant might be overloaded with a request for bringing the car, hence waiting time might increase.

Although the valet handler will keep you updated about the ETA for your car to bring back.

Inform valet about vehicle issues

This is considered one of the biggest issues faced by parking valets because not every car is perfectly maintained and there might be some problems that valet has to figure on their own.

It would really save time and effort from valet ends if you can inform about some of the key issues with vehicle which has direct involvement with parking valet, such as ignition, brakes, doors, etc.

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Upheld your valet ticket safely

The only proof of your car being parked by a valet is through a valet ticket. If you lose it, it will be a great level of inconvenience for everyone.

Make sure to keep the valet ticket safely and show it to the valet handler when you are about to take your leave from the venue.

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Many people forget to offer a tip to the valet, it’s considered as one of the best etiquettes that customers must comply with.

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