private limousine service singapore

Professional Team with Memorable Experience

Being a Banquet server requires a high level of professionalism and efficiency. They are personable, offering great customer service to their guests. Understanding guests are the bloodline to every customer, we have to ensure that every customer guests’ are filled with a memorable experience.

private limousine service singapore

Excellent Customer Service

Banquet servers greet guests as they arrive. Providing strong customer service by checking on guests and ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction. We strongly believe that through great nurturing and education through strict protocols on staffs, the highest level of customer service would be delivered.

private limousine service singapore

Operationally Ready

During the event, banquet servers serve food and beverages, taking orders and offering dishes to guests, making sure that there is enough food for everyone. The key to achieving all of the above is to ensure that the manpower firm trains their staffs effectively to ensure that all staffs deployed are operationally ready

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Since 2001, our company’s founders have worked at every level of the valet operations and limousine industry in Singapore. That focus on experience and the knowledge only working on the job can bring carries over to our hiring practices. You can rest assured that each valet employed by our business has a minimum of two years in the industry and a solid, dependable driving track record.

With more than 40 high-quality drivers, we can cater to guest lists of all sizes, and our short response time ensures we can work with even the most demanding schedules. Our business carries public liability insurance covering up to S$2,000,000 – one of the highest of any company in our industry – to protect the property and interests of our guests. In addition, we also provide extensive workmen’s compensation to our drivers to ensure their safety.

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