How to perform valet at home in Singapore?

Most people might find valet at home term a bit usual because when valet keyword comes under consideration, what it means that valet drivers will handle client cars to park during their visit.

Although here, the word valet at home refers to car valeting which regards as cleaning of your vehicle.

Importance of valeting your car

Car valeting goes a long way when you are looking to make it look new. All it needs is a complete cleaning regime that makes sure that your vehicle’s interior and exterior are both in tip-top shape.

If we left our car like it is, not just it makes us down but also reduces its value if we are about to sell it.

A clean car valet at home also increases the total life of the vehicle which is directly proportional to saving the total cost in your car maintenance.

DIY for Interior valeting

The first step for valet at home starts off with interior valeting for your car. This is important because interior work is more time-consuming has required more focus.

You can definitely work at your own pace for interior car valet at home. Things you need are a mini car vacuum, dust cloth, window cleaning liquid, and fresheners.

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Clear out important things from your car

The first thing in DIY for interior car valeting is clearing all the important things out of your car. You may have an important document or things that either get wet or block your way for proper car valet at home.

Based on the number of things inside your car, this process will take the time or nothing at all. Make sure you kept things out of your car and in a protective place like away from the cleaning area.

Perform dry vacuuming

A dry vacuum helps clean your car without a lot of force requirement. Either that or you need to use water pressure which is not possible for valet at home.

The use of a vacuum is helpful to clean dust from seats, foot mats, and the dashboard. Once the dust has been properly wiping off, the next important thing is to dust off using cloth.


Dusting is and will be considered one of the most important elements for a car valet at home. It can be the start of vacuuming but using cloth, you can properly clean off leather without any distraction.

When the are stains inside the car, using wet cloths are used for cleaning off the interior of the car, so that the interior is sparkly and clean all the way.

Cleaning windows

Windows cleaning requires some detergent, either glass cleaners or car shampoo. Cleaning windows start off from cleaning inside the windscreen and then go towards cleaning windows.

The cleaning part for windows requires to be comprehensive for car valet at home because windows are transparent and even a single speck of dust can ruin the overall beauty of the vehicle.

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Make it dry

There might be times when you are cleaning your car using water either because of the high amount of dust or due to the smell present.

Either way, make sure to leave the door open to make your interior get dry. It will take around a few minutes to hours so that all seats and foot mat gets properly dried up.

DIY for Exterior valeting

After going for interior car valet at home, the next job for car valeting is exterior cleaning. This requires a lot of water as well as some car shampoo because it’s needed for the car to get sparkly clean.

Rinse overall

Rinsing your car before the detergent helps clean the external dust at first. This is simply applying water and cleaning off using a cloth. It mostly takes a few minutes.

During the rinsing process, make sure you reach difficult areas, such as wheels, wheel guard, as under the car as well. Sweeping off the dust is something which is considered an important part of car valet at home.

Afterwords, you need to rinse a second time, but make sure this time to use car detergent to make it cleaner. Leaving the car to dry up take few minutes at best.

There you have it, your entire car valet at home possibly like the quality you expect from a professional car cleaning service.

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