Everything to know about hiring valet services in Singapore

Valet services provide you with parking solutions for a venue, organization, or even for offices. They are drivers that will take keys from you and park your ride. It might be near or far from the location.

The main reason for hiring valet services is to provide convenience to people as parking the ride requires plenty of work by the car owner.

We would like to mention elements that help our reader’s assets better in terms of hiring valet services in Singapore.

Have your car cleaned

Before dropping off your car at the hands of valet services at the venue, you need to clean up your car from both inside and out.

Either do it yourself or drop your car at a car servicing place so that you have a clean car at first. This is important to avoid any moment of embarrassment.

The valet services will also feel troubled when they drive your car to the parking place for the venue, it’s considered as basic etiquettes.  

Remove any valuables

There might be valuable things inside your car, such as money in cash, jeweler, or item of value, you better remove them before handing them over to professional valet services in the venue.

This comes under basic common sense as there could be a chance that your valuable item could be lost.

Also, it’s widely understood that any valet services in Singapore will not be responsible for valuables items stored inside the car being lost during the possession of a vehicle by a valet company.  

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Keep some change of cash

Valet companies are hired by the host or business and they will be paid by their services through certain settlement. But for guests or people whom these valet companies are dropping off the cars, it’s a sort of standard practice to tip drivers once they hand your vehicle back after the venue.

It again a sort of etiquette that people should follow to avoid any embarrassment during the actual spot. The valet driver will be kind and tolerable towards the guest, but the guest paying tips help them plenty.  

Keep engine running when dropping off

Because most people forget or go along with what their muscle memory tells them, they turn off their vehicle once they exit out from their vehicle.

Different types of vehicles are there than are handled by valet services at the venue, while some take a little more time to start.

Hence to avoid the possibility of unnecessary congestion over the road, keeps the engine running at the entrance of the venue so that driver can instantly handle your ride towards the parking spot.

Response quickly during a traffic

Valet drivers are trained to provide some feedback towards their guests during handling out of your ride. Sometimes, people are not aware of what the valet services are trying to let them know and they act rashly.

Keep an eye on the road marshal or valet services that are providing to give your information, such as to wait inside the car until the next car’s guests are out.

There might be some features that work as an ad-hoc element; hence drivers should be properly adhered to what experts’ people are trying to inform us.

List of features to look for to hire valet company in Singapore

Keep your claim ticket with you

The valet services will offer you a claim ticket after your car has been dropped. They will first log your entrance with your name and hand you a token.

Keep that ticket with you during the event because if they are lost, there is some inconvenience faced by both valet services as well as guests.

Call ahead before leaving the event

It’s vital to contact the valet services expert before you are trying to leave the venue. It’s important to call them 10-15 minutes.

Most probably, your claim ticket includes the contact number of the valet services experts located at the entrance. Contact them about your name and they will bring the car up. Hand the ticket to the person and tip to the driver that brings up your car.

Are you looking to hire valet services in Singapore for your VIP guests?

The use of valet services is important for many reasons, top of it is the convenience that it provides towards the guest.

If you one professional valet services in Singapore for your next event, simply contact Preztigez Asia and we’ll respond within a moment’s notice.