How does lobby ambassador improve your event’s experience?

To make an event a success, you need proper manpower that fulfills hospitality in its best manner. One of such manpower belongs to the lobby ambassador in Singapore.

We have created some of the advantages of hiring a lobby ambassador and how it overall improves the experience of the event and make your guests feel special.

Friendly Interaction at the front desk

Your guests need to feel special from the time they enter the event from the entrance. By hiring a lobby ambassador at the front desk area, the personnel will ensure to make a friendly gesture towards every guest.

One of the responsibilities of the front desk lobby ambassador is to interact with the guest once they enter. Also, to stay at the location so to answer any query for quests.

There might be concerns for the guest, and it’s the job of the lobby ambassador to answer them most professionally.

Engage with guests

Engage with guests comes as a basic element for every host but it’s almost impossible for the host to fulfill this role by himself. That’s where lobby ambassador comes into play.

The guest will be welcomed by this personnel and present with a welcoming gesture to enjoy in their best manner.

Guests also need to have some engagement because the last thing a guest needs to see is guests getting bored in an event. It’s the job of this personnel to engage with guests and provide the very basic picture of hospitality towards people.  

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Identify and fulfill needs of guests

Needs might arise on a sparse, and it should be resolved even faster than that, as well as effectively. Personal that are roaming around the event venue with the proper dress is none other than the lobby ambassador.

These people will keep the element of issues at their minimum by solving it with their best ability whenever it arises.

For example, a guest needs to have refreshments, and some people can’t get it, it’s the job of these lobby ambassador to handle it with care so that guest remains fulfilled throughout the event. It’s of ultimate importance.

Monitor guest traffic

No matter how well-prepared you are for an event, things could go south and out of control in mere seconds. One of the possibilities of out of control moment comes in the form of guest traffic outburst.

 This usually happens during event closure, when most people find themselves in an overwhelmed situation. It’s a sort of clog at the exit of the venue. Before that happens, it’s the job of the lobby ambassador to forecast the situation and handle guest traffic accordingly.

Only a vigilant eye of the lobby ambassador can manage and monitor the traffic because when guests feel stuck and their movement gets distracted, the guests start to feel uncomfortable and that’s the last thing a host wants.

Minimize guests wait time

Guest will wait eventually, and it should be minimized through hiring a lobby ambassador. These people will keep engaging with the guest so that they have something to do.

An event is more like gathering of friends, family or office colleagues talking them is a part of the job. Thanks to this professional hospitality personnel, they will keep the waiting moments of the guest to the minimum.

Facilities lobby safety and security

No one can say that the safety of guests has been managed completely in a venue. You need the professional lobby ambassador to keep ready and facilitate guest as much as possible.

Some of the possibilities of security and safety of guests are any broken utensils encountered, any sort of damage or health emergency, all these concerns will be handled by the professional personnel known as lobby ambassadors.

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Want to hire a lobby ambassador in Singapore to make the event more memorable?

There are many more benefits of hiring the services of lobby ambassadors such as they will perform all the job that has been directed to them. Also, they will keep informing guests about information about the event altogether.

If you like someone like lobby ambassadors in Singapore for your next big event, simply contact Preztigez Asia and we’ll make sure to handle all the rest to best of our ability.