List of features to look for to hire valet company in Singapore

Let’s say you are looking to hire a valet company in Singapore, but not sure where to begin. You came to the right place because here we will explain some of the easy-to-follow steps that will guarantee you choose the right company for your next event.

Below are some of the features you might need to look out for in a valet company in Singapore because it’s all about creating the right image for yourself as well as provide excellent service that your guests truly admire.

Look for an insured valet company 

Valet companies in Singapore that are looking to attract well-established organizations always come with insurance.

The reason for insurance in the first place is to make people relaxed from any accidents or unforeseeable events during parking the vehicles.

When there’s insurance covered by the valet company in Singapore, the insurance will cover all the damage to your car.

This one is a must have feature because all those companies which don’t have insurance will not guarantee the protection of your cars if it experiences damage.

Verify valet company’s credentials

Anyone can talk big on paper, although things will never be to a satisfactory level until all those claims are verified.

What we are trying to imply that valet companies in Singapore’s worth can only be evaluated until their credentials are verified by the client.

Meaning, they should verify the experience, portfolio, insurance, company’s registration, and years of operation. You can start by visiting their office and ask for details from there.

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Check Qualified Driving License (QDL) for Singapore

If you are in Singapore, there’s a compulsory license requirement for anyone above 18 years and who wants to ride a vehicle. It is known as a Qualified Driving License (QDL). In other words, it is also called a full license.

As for Class, the driver should have a Class 3 license for Singapore. Every driver that is employed in the valet company in Singapore should verify themselves by showing their license.

For double-checking their details, we can check them through the License brand and whether it’s all good in that department.

Verify the drivers has experienced along with a clean record

Because a valet company in Singapore is 90% based on drivers, it’s also worth checking out the driver experience in driving a vehicle.

It’s advised that a minimum of 3 years is required by valet drivers and to check their driving record to be clean.

These are terms as not an optional checklist to follow, since these drivers will be representing you during the event, you must go an extra mile for confirming them so that it’s applied all the right features based on your requirement.

Ensure that luxury element is brought up during events

A valet must wear uniforms that promote luxury to its prime. Based on your event and requirement, it’s up to the valet company in Singapore to ensure proper attire is taken into consideration.

At beforehand, you can check different types of uniforms by visiting a valet company in Singapore and select which one is suitable for you.

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Questions to ask to hire valet company in Singapore for events

Above all few features are necessary for every valet company in Singapore to comply with your basic requirements for valet services for your guests.

Particularly for events, there are few questions you can ask the expert valet companies that further help you to ensure their professionalism.


Before the event, it’s important to book the valet services beforehand and ask for their availability for the given time.

It’s a basic practice for every service-oriented solution so that their services are available when the event comes in.

Cost of services

Talking about availability, one of the most important questions that we forget to mention for our readers is the cost of the services.

Since there are different forms of services provided by the valet companies, it’s advised to ask about the cost of the service beforehand.

Want to try hiring a professional valet company in Singapore

It’s easy to hire a professional valet company in Singapore that offers services for both events and other organizations for your needs.

To have more questions about the services, you can contact Preztigez Asia which is a professional valet company in Singapore.