2021 Stats of drink driving penalty in Singapore

In Singapore, road accidents and fatalities are frequent, but out of all reasons which case accidents over roads, the drink driving penalty in Singapore is the leading cause.

For the same reason, we find it important for our readers to understand the complete stats of the 2021 drink driving penalty in Singapore. 

In our context, overall information will be provided to our readers which explains in general terms about all road accidents in Singapore.

Road accidents stats

Road accidents are a terrible thing but no matter how much attention a person is driving, it possible that another person is not and can drive right over your car.

Road accidents are divided into many sectors, such as injuries, fatalities, and pedestrians’ accidents. The vehicle size can also be stated differently, such as a large vehicle, normal-sized vehicle, and bikes.

We have listed down some of the stats for our readers as per different category which gives a pretty clear picture about road accident stats in Singapore.


When a road accident is involved in injuries, it is considered a severe accident which is often considered among the stats.

In 2018, around 7690 people experience injuries through accidents. For comparison, in the U.S. more than 3.3 million accidents happen each year with serious injuries.

When considering per 100,000 people, the highest number of road accidents happens in Thailand which is around 36.2 people. Comparing it to Singapore, it has 2.2 people per 100,000 people of accidents.

What are the penalties for drink driving in Singapore?


Talking about fatalities in road accidents, the rate of just incidents is lower when compared to injuries. It is also possible that injuries become the reason for death, which is also considered as fatality through road accidents.

Singapore has among the lowest number of road fatalities in the world and the lowest one in Asia with 3.6 per 100,000 people. Around 120 people were killed in road accidents in 2018.

Most of the fatalities happen during high-speed driving, or when lower traffic is found on the road. This same reason is concerning for injuries as well because, during high traffic, the vehicle’s speed is more controllable.


The stat which numerates road accidents of pedestrians is something to take into account. In Singapore, elderly pedestrians account for 2 to 3 road fatalities. The main reason for the fatalities of pedestrians is the cause of jaywalking.

In 2020, because of Covid 19 pandemic and lockdown, there are few numbers pedestrian accidents when compare to other years.

But elderly and motorcycle accidents are still something of consideration. In 2021, the fatal accidents accounted up for 83 throughout, when compared to 118 in 2019.

Rate of fatalities compared to other countries

The rate of fatalities could be easily getting into consideration when we compared different countries in the world.

The best source of learning about the fatalities for road accidents is through learning by 100,000 people ratios.

In Asia, the highest number of fatalities accounted for is by Thailand, which is more than 32.7 people by 100,000. The highest number of fatalities in the world is Liberia, which has 35.9 deaths per 100,000. It’s in the Africa region.

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Heavy vehicles

The accidents caused by heavy vehicles are started to show a decreasing trend. Around 10 accidents that include heavy vehicles were recorded in 2018.

When comparing the accident rates of heavy vehicles in Singapore to past years, the injuries are also being reduced, such as 377 to 361 from 2018.

A major reason for heavy vehicle accidents amount of vehicle runs out of the traveling lane, loss of control, collision with the rear end, and another vehicle come in the heavy vehicle lane.


Around half of the total road accidents that have been accounted for is a motorcycle. There were 3410 accidents in 2016.

Most of these motorcycle accidents occur due to collisions with the road surface, barriers, or another vehicle.

When the driver is subjected to a drink driving penalty in Singapore through motorcycle, the rate of accidents increases naturally.


The biggest cause of accidents is drink driving in Singapore

 It’s to understand about road accidents that various causes make the accident happens. Out of all, the biggest cause is the drink driving penalty in Singapore.

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