What are the penalties for drink driving in Singapore?

Driving irresponsibly is dealt with strictly by the law which comes in the form of penalties over the accused. For the same reason, we find it important to talk about penalties for drink driving in Singapore to help educate our readers which is violated more than 50,000 each year.

But before learning about the list of penalties for drink driving in Singapore, it’s important to go through situations how inspectors check on the people with a plausible accusation of drink driving violation.

Asking for blood or breath samples

When an inspector inspects a foul driving over the roads it steps on their siren and order to stop the vehicle.

There might be a different reason for stopping but traffic policemen have the right to stop any non-government vehicle to check on the driver, ask for a license and see whether any laws are broken.

Based on simply observation or smelling alcohol from the driver’s breath, the inspector could ask to take a breath or blood sample on the spot. Fail to comply will enable the inspector to arrest on the spot without a warrant.

List of Penalties drink driving

There are some penalties for drink driving involved when a person is accused of drinking and driving in Singapore.

We have listed them down for our readers to help them educate about the penalties for drink driving in Singapore and help them stay away from this violation. 

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Fine is a major consequence of penalties for drink driving in Singapore which increase as the violation level is increased.

The scale on which fine is applied over the accused of drinking and driving in Singapore is the measured level of alcohol consumed.

The fine penalties for drink driving start from $1,000 which goes up to $10,000 of cost. If there’s some damage being done by the driver while drunk, that cost also needs to be paid, which only increases the fine value.

Jail time

As per the road traffic act, the imprisonment as penalties for drink driving doesn’t exceed more than 12 months.

Based on the seriousness and damage being done, jail time will be applied to the accused, although paying the fine will help to decrease the jail time. If somehow the accused is not able to pay the full fine, they must spend time in jail.

Driving disqualification

Again, based on the severity of the case, disqualification time will depend on the accused driver from barring to drive vehicle in Singapore.

The maximum time until which accused will be unable to drive their vehicle and their license get blacklisted is for up to 48 months or 4 years.

It’s important to note that, the minimum time for driving disqualification as one of the penalties for drink driving in Singapore is around one year, which is quite a lot of damage.

Negative track record

Besides fine and disqualification, which is considered as penalties for drink driving in Singapore as per the Road Traffic Act, there’s a byproduct from these penalties for drink driving more directed towards society.

The damaging personal track record is considered one of the consequences of violating the drinking and driving law. The track record when get barred keeps on haunting people forever, in different walks of life, most probably in your professional life.

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Job opportunity lost

Some jobs get lost if a person is found in any misconduct or has been penalized in past. Talking about the penalties for drink driving in Singapore, there are strict actions over the accused and most probably, they will be booked for the offense.

Once it’s found that a person has been booked of drinking and driving in Singapore, doors on few jobs will be closed forever for the person. One of which is related to the hospitality section, such as a driver for hire in Singapore.

Want to secure yourself from penalties drink driving in Singapore?

The reason for this article is only to educate our readers and help them realize to get refrain from such action.

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