What is the penalty of drink driving in Singapore?

Heavy drink Driving in Singapore is an offense similarly like many countries, and it has some harsh penalty.

We would like to explain about this offense only because people could try to avoid drink driving in Singapore as much as possible.

Being one of the drivers for hire company in Singapore, discussing offense of drink driving in Singapore does come under our domain so that people could refrain from this through exclusively hiring our services.

Offense of drink driving in Singapore

As per the section 67 of Singapore Road Traffic Act, is labelled as driving under influence of alcohol or drugs when it comes under any of these two factors

1-      Not able to control the vehicle and is labelled as unfit because of the influence of alcohol or any intoxicating substance.

2-      Or that the alcohol in his stomach or blood exceeds a legal limit as per prescribed.

There is absolutely no exception whether it’s a patient or not, if any of these clauses are known from the driver, the offense of drink driving in Singapore will be made and the driver will be awarded with a punishment.

Before we talk about punishment involved over drink driving in Singapore, it’s vital to shed more light over the clauses which will trigger such an offense in the first place.

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Improper control over vehicle

According to the latest statistics, traffic fatalities rate in Singapore is 2.73 per 100,000, which is higher than that of London, Tokyo and Hong Kong.

Although there is a multiple factor of fatalities, but minor or major road accidents is something we should be wary about.

To ensure that you are driving is secure and properly controlled, it’s important that you have control of all your sense, most prominently, attentiveness during driving.

Through high doses of alcohol, the attentiveness reduces 70%, which affects your driving skills and prone the chances of car accidents.

Exceed legal alcohol limit

Police often uses a sample of your breath to comprehend the legal alcohol limit while driving. In order to drive a vehicle, the allowed legal alcohol limit is 30 ml per 100 ml of breath.

Talking about the blood sample, it should be 80 mg per 100 ml of blood. If the legal limit has been crossed, you will be taken into custody.

It is also worthy to mention that often police will stop your car on observing any breaking of laws and ask to provide a breath sample at the stop. Noncompliance will allow them to arrest you without any warrant.

Punishment for drink driving in Singapore

Let’s talk a little about the punishment for drink driving in Singapore, which is the crux of our topic. The main goal to discuss the penalty is to make our readers understand the importance of follow the law and avoid getting punishment through our own doings.

Below are some of the punishment which is mentioned as per section 67 of Road Traffic Acts of Singapore.


Talking about the most important punishment which most of the drivers has to comply on over-drinking offense while driving.

There is a different level of fines applied as the penalty of drink driving in Singapore, as per the level of alcohol (mg per 100 ml of breath).

Starting from S$1000 upon delving into 35 mg of alcohol, the driver can also be put under a penalty of SG10,000, depending on the over-drinking limit.

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Driving disqualification

While the fines must be cleared sooner, there’s a parallel penalty for drink driving in Singapore that comes as driving disqualification.

The duration of driving disqualification also depends on the level of alcohol intake, which starts off from 12 months to 48 months or longer.

Jail sentences

According to the 67 of Road Traffic Acts of Singapore, driving found in heavy alcohol intake can have jail sentences of no more than 2 years, but depending on the accidents, and it’s harshness, the jail sentence can be increased to a maximum of life sentence.

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