Some of the habits of Singapore drivers that should be avoided

The work for Singapore driver shouldn’t be taken lightly since it’s a role that can either save or break people’s lives.

What we imply to say that there are some habits of Singapore drivers that must be avoided to ensure trouble less driving all over the metropolis. 

We have tried to comply with some of the major mistakes that have negative consequences hence should be avoided as much as possible by Singapore drivers.

Driving under alcohol influence

Singapore drivers are the biggest violators of drink driving offenses in Singapore. There’s a legal limit for alcohol consumption and driving, but most people come under the great influence of alcohol which hampers their ability to properly drive the vehicle.

This is easily avoidable by either avoid drinking alone or eating first before drinking. Also, if you are indeed under influence, it’s better to call a cab to drop you home.

Continuously getting distracted

Distraction leads to road accidents which is a dangerous offense. Some of the common things that distract people are mobile phones.

It’s important to make your mobile phone silent so that it doesn’t distract you. Also, it has been observed that some people find it hard to properly focus on driving for many hours.

If that’s the case, it’s better to let someone else drive or do turns during driving so that you can regain your focus after some rest.

What is first time speeding offence in Singapore?


Speeding is more than a habit, it’s an offense that leads you to either jail or hospital. This is something which speaks on an obvious note to avoid speeding during driving at all cost.

This is something which can be avoided only by keeping the lives of your and other people in consideration because speeding leads to dangerous consequences every time.

Also, it has been noted for most Singapore drivers that one of the common offenses is speeding violation, as speed limits are different in Singapore regions divided by zones.

Not wearing seatbelt

Another troublesome habit that some Singapore drivers have is not wearing seatbelts. Sometimes they wear but sometimes don’t is also a violation which should be addressed sooner rather than later.

The law will punish you with fines and demerit points when found not wearing seatbelts. Also wearing seatbelts is a lifesaving feature on every car since it helps during the unforeseeable events of car accidents.

Might always be a matter of life and death hence it’s very much needed for every Singapore driver to have their driving seatbelt equipped.

Tired and driving

Singapore drivers must avoid driving when tired. This is important to note that driving is itself a demanding job which requires come concentration by the driver.

The concentration element comes while paying attention to the road, keeping the speed under control, and ensure that no traffic violation is experienced.

If you are tired or sleepy, driving poses a great threat to your life and others because the wrong decision in split seconds might get you in wet waters in no time.

Driving in dangerous weather and conditions

If there’s some bad weather coming in, it’s better to not drive that day. The same goes for conditions on the road, such as visibility and water on the road.

Try to only drive your car when you find the conditions to your liking and not something out of the ordinary. It’s not that every Singapore driver found issues in driving in below-par condition. Some experts can do driving just fine, while its’ a rate case element. 

Engaged in road rage

It’s important to avoid getting involved in road rage. This makes your reputation tarnished as well as gets you in trouble.

Road rage comes on both ways, if you are the recipient of road rage, you can simply apologize and try to cool down things as much as possible. Here having a steady head and thinking greatly assist.

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Texting or calling during driving

Texting and calling from your mobile is an offense with heavy fines. This is also something that gets you in trouble for the long run if it’s one of the habits for Singapore drivers.

Make sure to never use mobile during driving, if you want to use it, make sure you drive to the side of the road and stop all way, only then using it safely and will not count as an offense. 

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These all habits are avoidable, not just that but having all right habits into your personality as a Singapore driver will make you in good books of the law. 

If you still can’t drop down these habits that easily, contact Preztigez Asia, and we’ll hook you up with a professional driver that works either part-time or full-time as per your requirement.