What are different types of car parking valet in Singapore?

The role of a car parking valet is to ensure that you don’t have to get in distress when finding a parking spot for your car.

Although it’s important to understand that what are the types of car parking valets in Singapore available.

Types of car parking 

We find it a bit imperative to discuss the need for different car parking in Singapore as a car parking valet will park your car in one of these places

We think it’s important for our readers who would be a probable client availing the car parking valet services should know places where the car are parked by valet.

Below are all types of car parking spots where your valet will park your car for the duration of the requirement, make sure that every parking spot in Singapore charges a cost, hence how much a car is parked will be charged as per time and day of the weekend.

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Parking lot

Places that are situated for car parking are known as parking lots. These are usually land located near to a restaurant, bar, shop or any other facilities which require parking.

To ensure that every car can park properly in a designated area, a yellow-colored area is highlighted on the ground that looks like a square.

For any festival or important event, management usually creates an ad-hoc parking facility for your car parking valet.

Types of the Parking garage

Places, where the most car can be parked beside a parking lot, is a parking garage. A parking garage can be called with different names, such as a car park, parking ramp, parking building, parking deck, or parkade.

To understand in great detail various types of parking garages for car parking valets in Singapore, we have listed down the most popular ones.

Single level garage

As the name suggests, all those car parking garages with only a single floor are known as single-level garages.

It can be used as a car parking valet in Singapore especially if it’s open for everyone and not restricted to outside car parking.

Multi-story parking garage

Opposite the single-level garage, we have a multilevel parking garage which is divided into many floors for parking purposes.

The method by which a car can come and go in a multi-story parking garage is somewhat different. But the most common design is the use of ramps to go up and down of floors which proper labeling in the floor that indicates exit and entrance with a multi-storied parking garage.

Underground parking garage

When the parking is done underground, whether it’s single-level or multilevel but none comes on the ground level, it’s called underground parking garage.

They are usually located within main cities since it’s very difficult to have a separate parking lot where the car could be parked.

Automated Parking garage

This is the most advanced as well as effective way for parking your car. It’s an expensive infrastructure as it uses robots and a hydraulic lift to stack cars in a confined space.

As for as car parking valet is concerned, they will take the car to the entrance and a robot on the platform will handle the parking part.

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Carports are placed attached to private property, usually landed property. Mostly the outside car cannot be parked in a carport and the place to park cars in a carport is also quite limited.

Parking spaces on the side of the street

There are usually check and balance to park cars on the side of the street. For places which are not crowded, has a meter next to a car park area which has a limited time to park a car otherwise you will land an offense.

Most of the time, a controlled car parking valet is done over the side of the street, although it’s more controlled, and is the responsibility of valets to ensure that no troubles come regarding parking on the side street.

Automated car parking system

Similar to an Automated Parking garage, the Automated car parking system includes robotics and hydraulics to move a car from entry points and stack it over a vertical building.

It’s not possible for people to go inside these controlled building but has to wait for the robot to bring the car through a mechanical automated system.

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