6 tips for hiring valet parking services for events in Singapore

Let’s face it, hosting an event is not an easy feat. The organizer needs to make sure guests are properly entertained, catering is in order, and decoration in place. There’s absolutely no time to take into consideration of guest parking troubles. That’s where outsourcing through valet parking services for events comes into place.

This article will explain some important tips for hiring valet parking services for events in Singapore which will ensure that your troubles related to guest parking in an event vanishes for good.


The event organizer when looking to hire valet parking services for events must start with contacting friends and family.

The referrals have the most points when going with any new service for the first time because since your close aid has hired a particular service before, that means they are worth going for.

In most cases, the referrals could get you some sort of company either through 3rd or 4th contact relation or if not, checking social media and Google search engine about valet companies is always there for your assistance.

What are the etiquette to deal with parking valet?

Request site visit

The thing about valet parking services for events is that they come with a crew. They need to understand the site and make arrangements, like labeling parking spots, place signs around the venue, and such.

This can only be possible when they visit your site of the possible event venue and make the calculation. This is important if you are looking to get an accurate cost proposal from the valet parking services.

Ask for estimate

The organizer needs to check the estimate as soon as possible from the valet parking services and make budget allocation accordingly.

If the estimate is out of their budget, they could either look for another valet company and compare estimates or ask for concession based on options available within the company.

Estimation also includes the number of valet drivers, time duration for services, and other deliverables by the valet parking services for events.

Look out for insured service

No one is perfect and it might be a possibility that the client’s vehicle gets damaged by valet personnel. To assure that damage could be covered by the company, always ask for insurance by valet parking services for events.

The company will offer all the documentation required to ensure that company is insured and that the company can claim for damages during valet parking services for events on account of car damage.

Go with quality

There’s no substitution of quality and it’s up to the company to upheld quality services for their clients.

The quality is something that cannot get hidden. When organizers are looking for valet parking services for events always make sure to look for quality.

Some of the quality element includes well-dressed valet, properly trained personnel and efficiency in terms of handle high traffic without any trouble.

It’s an added plus when the valet can offer information about the event to the customer in the middle of their work.

How does park valet service assist restaurant managers in Singapore?

Check reviews 

To double-check all the claims provided by the valet parking services for events, customers can find reviews from the internet.

Clients can provide information about a company which would be most helpful for customers who are looking for a solid company for the valeting experience.

Facebook and Google is a good place for start. There are also some business listing sites that provide reviews about a particular company.

Some things to consider for hiring valet parking services for the event

Hiring professional valet parking services for events is not a small feat. But following the above steps will assist in getting the most comprehensive valet company for your event.

There are some additional elements to consider in hiring valet parking services for events to even fine-tune your search and get the most capable service out from the rest.

Experience of valet service tops the list along with what details they provide for vehicle safety for client’s rides. Positive reference about past work is also something to look after.


Looking to hire valet parking services for events in Singapore from an expert company?

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