Reputation and experience of the valet company

How long has the company been around? Who are the management team and their experience? Who are their clients? Having a background check can and will put potential clients at ease. Understanding who they are dealing with also helps clients understand their vendor better. Manage each other’s expectations and know the requirements.

With a reliable vendor / partner, the client can rest assured knowing their customers are in good hands. I always enjoy meeting up with clients to share information about my company and to get valuable feedback on ways to improve our service and exceed their expectations.

Clients may face difficulties in understanding how our industry work as this is a niche market and though clients may know what they want, they may not understand the challenges and requirements operationally. This is when we step in to provide consultation and assistance. Coming from an IR and events background, the owners of Preztigez Asia are happy to share their experience and knowledge with clients.

Honesty and integrity are 2 virtues we hold in very high regard as we believe they are vital to earning respect and trust from our clients. However, we must say that valets face challenges from guests who are nasty or have demanding requests. How the valets and/or management team handle such matters are important. Being in the service industry, we are not only the face of our company but we are mindful that we represent our clients at the forefront. Valets are standing at the establishments’ main entrance / lobby area. They are expected to greet guests, assist with baggage, opening vehicle doors and assisting with directional assistance – taking care of driveway operations. Looking out for the safety of both vehicles and guests are also part of the job requirements. We train our valets to do more than just park cars.

Building a strong relationship is important too. Our management team do their best to reassure clients of our commitment to work delivery, our service promise. We aim to provide a replacement within 90 minutes from a start of shift. This is not always easy when we do have a large pool of staff yet the challenge comes when they inform us last minute. We do not use this as an excuse but we challenge ourselves to evolve and improve our operations.

We hope that in days / months to come, we can all really appreciate the service providers and workers in Singapore. Mutual respect and understanding is what will improve our society. Kindness goes a long way!

Insurance coverage

When engaging a valet company, it is vital to know what sort of insurance coverage the company has. i.e. Does it cover vehicle damage? If yes, how much? Does the valet company provide the client with the insurance paperwork? What is the SOP for the valet company to handle accidents? Is there a team to handle any guests’ challenges?

A proper and reliable insurance coverage will safeguard my business and my clients’ business interests.

We believe in transparency with clients and are open to share our insurance information once we are participating in a tender.


Costs are all going up – inflation and cost of living will inevitably affect salary expectations. How do we manage this when clients always expect a low / competitive rate?

Whenever I meet my clients, I will share with them where our costs go to and share with them why our charges are the way it is. Because I feel our costs are justifiable in today’s market. You have a budget to maintain, so do I. But in order to keep competitive, and set us apart from the competition