How professional Valet in Singapore follows Covid 19 SOP

In the post coronavirus era, it’s pertinent that everyone must follow Covid 19 SOP as advised by a medical professional. Being a service that provides valet in Singapore, we find it important to explain how professional valet drivers in Singapore follow Covid 19 SOP during events.

Although it’s important to imply that events gathering has been reduced exponentially after the coronavirus outbreak, although the use of valet in Singapore is still important since it helps maximize to follow safety precautions as limits the high amount of people gathering especially around the entrance area.

Below we have explained the features adopted by professional valet in Singapore that come as following Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) during events.

Wear Mask

Wearing a mask comes as naturally as it seems in the post coronavirus era. While everyone should be wearing a mask, it’s quite obvious for businesses to adhere to this feature in double down.

Being a professional valet in Singapore, it’s only natural that all of the drivers wear a mask all the time.

They keep them wear on, as well as keep informing others to wear them because it helps protects around 90% to get a virus.

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Availability of Hand Sanitizer

The use of hand sanitizer has become a new normal in this post coronavirus world. The basic use of hand sanitizer is to ensure to keep hands clean with a simple use of the liquid without any water.

Through the following SOP in events, the experts of valet in Singapore will keep installing a hand sanitizer at the entrance which will be used frequently by drivers before and after they come from parking their rides.

Not only for drivers but as per the request of guests, they can use the hand sanitizer without any trouble.

Guard Screen at reception

Because wearing a mask is quite important to protect yourself as well as others from the Covid 19 virus, it’s also important to have secondary protection from the virus, including eyes and face.

For that guard screen attached at the face ensures that proper protection is ensured by the expert for valet in Singapore.

Wearing a faceguard also help customer to get a breadth of relief that proper SOP is being followed by the event organizers, which is always a plus.

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Follows social distancing

Two main things need to be taken into consideration as top SOP for Covid 19 precautions, wearing a mask, and maintaining social distancing.

Following social distancing needs prior management and it’s the job of professional valet in Singapore to have complete planning regarding this department.

Social distancing is maintained through professional valet in Singapore is by placing footprints that provide a safe area for people to form a line or wait through a safe distance. Our experts will keep helping people to remind to follow proper social distancing throughout the event.


Wearing gloves especially when driving a vehicle during the post coronavirus era is essential for people to follow.

Gloves should be wear to ensure that virus doesn’t get attached to the guest’s ride and also to secure the valet in Singapore from getting one.

The main thing about coronavirus spread is to reduce its reachability as reduces the cases as much as possible.

For the same reason, at the entrance, the expert handling with guests and valet connecting holds the disposable gloves stock so that drivers ensure that proper precautions are being followed.

Use of signs at the entrance

Signs not just help people to follow traffic, but also to keep reminding about that we need to follow SOP, and ensure that event goes without any trouble.

At first, the guests will need to have their temperature check, which too will be handled by the entrance through our professional valet in Singapore.

There will be signs attached all over the place, to help educators and direct guests about the procedure to make bio-security as feasible as possible.


Want to hire a professional Valet in Singapore that follows Coronavirus SOP?

Let’s face it, you need to have a trained individual to understands not just the hospitality to and handles guests to the best of their ability, but also adhere to following coronavirus SOP at the same time.

All of this and more is handled through our professional valet in Singapore by contacting Preztigez Asia, which offers more than just drivers and ambassadors, but all-rounders in the hospitality industry.