What is maxi cab and how to avail them in Singapore?

There is a different form of rides available in large metropolis cities which adds the easiness of travels for people. One such service is called a maxi cab.

As the name suggests, it’s a form of taxi so it’s used in transportation. Although there’s more to it with just name when it goes with van for rent.

In this article, we will learn about what is maxi cab and how people from Singapore can avail themselves of this service.

What is Maxi Cab?

The word Maxi cab is a term used to call a large van that can accommodate up to 10 people. This type of vehicle is usually a van or even larger than it.

When talking about the average cab, it usually comes in a sedan with a capacity of 3-4 people, excluding the driver.

Maxi cab is a customizable option, which means you can hire the cab with or without the driver as well as the duration for which the van for rent is being rented out.

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Best suited for?

Because the car is a large van which can occupy more than 8 people, there are a great many uses for a maxi cab.

It can be used to house people going to an event, which helps you to save money as well as trouble for managing more cars for more people.

Many people also hire a van for rent for pick and drop at the airport especially when large gatherings are going abroad. Traveling for an excursion, the use of a van for rent can also come into practice quite effectively.

Hire from rental car services

Let’s understand how to avail yourself of this ride for your personal use in Singapore. We have listed down various sources from where people could avail of the van for rent with ease.

First of the source which is found in more than one place is rental car services in Singapore. Simply contacting them about the maxi cab and your requirements will help you get your hands on a large van in the quickest amount of time.

Many rental car services in Singapore offer other rides along with maxi cab such as a new model vehicle, luxury cars, limo as well as drivers along the ride.

Hire from Airport

The airport also offers ride solutions for people who wish to not delve into finding other services in the city.

By finding the contact info about vehicle dispatch from the airport in Singapore, you can simply rent out the maxi cab by providing your address and other details to the authority.

It’s a hassle-free service and can save time and energy if you want to get a van for rent as quickly as possible while traveling in Singapore.

How to find companies that provide rent car in Singapore with driver

Book online

It’s not necessary to find companies by foot or through personal contact which offer maxi cab in Singapore.

With the use of information technology, all you need is the internet and through typing keywords into Google, you can acquire contact information about services that offer van for rent.

One of the best options for availing of the van for rent is online because you can shortlist various companies and contact them one by one. Get the one with the best cost or other benefits regarding maxi cab.

Different options for maxi cab

As the word maxi cab comes in general terms for large vans, there are various options that people can choose from.

The van starts with various sizes and models, depending on the demand of the make and model, the cost of the maxi cab will be different.

The van for rent is also used for the coaster, which can occupy around 15 people or more. Although it’s more suited for large distance trips as well as for vacations with many people.


Want to avail maxi cab for your trip to Singapore?

Depending on the requirements by customers, the services that offer maxi cab will have to offer vehicle by keeping accommodation requirements in check rather than luxury or other functionalities.

If you are interested to find out more about maxi cab in Singapore, simply contact Preztigez Asia, which offers rent car solutions along with different services for our customers that include a driver for hire, Limo services, and other event organizing solutions such as event manpower and valet services.