Guide for hire car rental in Singapore for 7 seater

Let’s face it, people are not completely versed when they are looking to hire car rental in Singapore for 7 seater because of lack of information.

They have to survey towards their referrals, ask companies and search online forums which takes a lot of time.

We find it important to compile a simple to understand guide which helps our readers in learning elements and things about hiring car rental in Singapore for 7 seater.

4WD feature

When talking about 7 seater vehicles, many people might consider Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV), or Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV).

Although many 7 seaters also come with different drive modes, such as 4WD and AWD. 4WD in particular is of more importance.

When more people come on board, it requires more power by the vehicle to drive over the hilly areas. There is where 4WD comes in place.

Hence it’s up to the customer to learn about the availability of 4WD by companies that offer car rental in Singapore for 7 seater.

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Seat capacity

As the name suggests for car rental in Singapore for 7 seater, the SUV usually comes with a different configuration of which people should be properly versed before hiring one.

The configuring for 7 or 8 seaters comes with 2-3-2 or 2-3-3. There are many MPV in which the back seat can be folded so that people can lay down in a sleeping posture.

The main reason for people to hire car rental in Singapore for 7 seater in the first place is to have a place for more travelers as it’s more comfortable when compared to the ordinary sedan.

Range of 7 seater

There are different rages of 7 seaters, which are usually categorized as compact, mid-size, and full-size. There are also luxury SUVs that focus more on style and design.

When dealing with car rental in Singapore for 7 seater, the mid-size and full-size dominates more than other ranges, although people looking for luxury SUV can also find it as a rental.

The importance of different ranges for 7 seaters depends on the make and model of the car, as people looking for rental SUVs are more inclined towards a specific make and model would like to have a particular range as their 7 seaters.

Minivan vs 7 SUV

Many 7 seaters look like a minivan. A minivan doesn’t have features such as 4WD, style as well as a form to drive in difficult-to-ride places.

The role of the minivan is only to transport people from point A to point B without anything else. Although SUV has added functionality which adds some element of luxury and standard in the drive.

As far as car rental in Singapore for 7 seater is considered, both options are present for people hence it’s up to their required. One thing to consider regarding minivans is that their rent is less when compared to SUVs.

Fuel consumption

The thing about car rental in Singapore for 7 seater is that gas rates are not included and that’s why people need to be warier about fuel consumption.

Large SUV which comes with v8 engine tends to consume more fuel than compact SUVs. Talking about performance-wise, no one can beat a V8 engine as it has more horsepower than the rest of the SUVs.

But still for people who need to take extra care about the fuel consumption for their SUVs, make sure to select mid-size or compact MPVs as it has better fuel efficiency than others.

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Off-road driving

As we have explained above, the SUV which offers 7 seaters also provides another benefit in the form of off-road driving capabilities.

When the road that you are planning to ride is not fully developed, choosing a ride with 4WD is a good choice to go with as a car rental in Singapore for 7 seaters.


Want to hire a car rental in Singapore for 7 seater from a professional company?

There are many options to choose from, but everything leads towards the cost of car rentals especially for the entire trip duration.

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