Why driver for hire is needed for mount e novena parking?

There’s a high relation between going to the hospital and finding the right parking spot. Although some people find it frustrating not able to find the parking on time which also affects their health negatively. For the same reason, we would like to discuss a bit about the necessity of drivers for hiring for Mount E Novena parking job.

In this article, you will learn about the benefits for a professional hired driver for handling Mount E Novena parking along with other things.

Where is mount Elizabeth Novena Parking?

Before we explain a bit of how the driver for hire is effective for handling Mount E Novena parking, it’s important to explain something about Mount E Novena parking.

Mount E Novena parking or Mount Elizabeth Novena is the name of the hospital located in Singapore. The address of the hospital is located at 38 Irrawaddy Road, Singapore.

Talking about Mount E Novena parking, it’s located within the hospital so that people can park their cars without any trouble.

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Rates for mount E Novena parking

As we have conveyed the location of Mount E Novena parking is within the hospital, there are some rates which is applied over the parking of ride.

These rates are corresponded as per time slots and days of the week. Below are the complete details for Rates for Mount E Novena parking.

Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital

Monday to Saturday

– 7am to 5pm: $3.20 for 1st hour then $1.80 for subsequent 30 minutes

– 5pm to 7am: $3 per entry

Sunday & Public Holidays

– 12am to 11:59pm $3 per entry

The reason where the driver for hire is helpful?

A driver for hire has a lot of benefits for people who avail their services in the first place.

They provide you with driving services, which means you don’t have to worry about driving on your own.

Secondly, they know about local insight, which makes them a helpful guide about any place which is not openly available through the internet.

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Can park on other places

As far as Mount E Novena parking job is concerned, a driver for hire is the best person for the job. Let’s face it, if there’s not a person looking after your ride, you have to do it on your own.

But there are times when Mount E Novena parking is completely jammed up, for this case, there are other parking places which can be used to park your car.

But it’s quite obvious to state that parking on far to reach places will waste your time as well as adds up more irritation over parking trouble.

If you have a driver for hire looking after your ride, they can park the car anyplace around the premises of Mount E Novena Hospital.

Waits at the entrance on a phone call

As we have mentioned above, the role of a driver for hire is extremely well received whenever parking trouble comes under consideration.

No matter if the parking is available in the Mount E Novena parking, your driver can move around the other places near the hospital where charges are also less.

Once you are ready to leave the hospital premises, all you need is to give your driver a call and they will bring the ride to the entrance of the Mount E Novena Hospital, which is quite convenient for people to say the least.

Secure driving to the hospital

With the expert driving skills of your driver for hire, you are all set to visit the hospital without any trouble.

Hospital is not a place where someone can go and not get affected by various emotions. It might be sad or happy depending on the condition. Hence it’s optimum that someone else is driving for you especially during the driving towards Mount E Novena parking.


Want to hire an expert driver for hire for Mount e Novena parking job?

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