How to differentiate best valet from an average one?

When people are looking for nothing but the best valet service for their event, they need some more information about how to point only the best from average valets.

This article is aimed to provide our readers some insight on finding the best valet service through learning features posses only in the optimum service provider in the valet hospitality sector.

Greet and welcome guests

You can get people to take keys from customers and drive to park their vehicle like it’s nothing. Although one of the main features of the best valet is that they greet and welcome guests.

They are trained in this aspect and understand that a positive first impression can go a long way in paving generally liking for a place of interest. If the first impression is not well received, all other experiences will have a strict eye from the customer.

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Luggage handling

There are some instances where the client would be carrying luggage such as valet service from hotels. An average valet will only focus on taking the keys and parking the car for customers.

You can expect handling luggage from the best valet service. They will take the luggage and walk with you towards the check-in so that you don’t have to carry it on your own.

Luggage handling also comes under hospitality ethics which valets must show towards their guests in getting their utmost trust with the overall service.

Accommodate guests by opening the door

When a client enters a zone, the valet will open the doors of the vehicle, usually the driver and shotgun seat.

Opening doors perceive that the valet is well trained in dealing with customers and providing them with an excellent experience.

When referring to the average valet service, opening a door is something you won’t expect and that they will just enter the car and drive away to park it. It does the job but the opening door has more effect on the customer’s experience.

Direct traffic near the entrance 

Valet’s job is usually inter-related with handling traffic in entrance and making sure that traffic doesn’t get clogged.

To acquire the services from the best valet, you’ll get a type of traffic marshal type of solution along with the handling of cars.

On the other hand, a standard valet will simply handle your vehicle and ensure that it’s properly parked. If there’s a traffic jam, it will not handle that part out of their initiative.

Answer guests question

Guest that arrives in a location will firstly notice the valet service who’ll be greeting them and opening their doors.

If they are from the best valet service, they will help in answering a question from the customer’s end. It might be anything related to navigation within the venue to the timings of the event.

The valet will not tell them to look for the answer inside as it will make a customer less reluctant towards feeling somewhat special. The way how valet personnel deals with the client also come in quite importantly.

Accurately label guest belonging for trouble-free return

Guest belongings will be handed to them once they have left the vicinity by none other than your best valet.

Although its the job of valet personnel to identify the correct belongings for guest to ensure a seamless handing of their goods after they are about to leave.

It’s important to valet to do work as much as possible without clients to go ahead and ask about their things. It will refer to handling things unprofessionally.

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Park vehicles in predetermine location

The location for valet parking is all predetermined. If they are not, the valet will take a lot of time in assessing the place which makes the car recovery also get delayed.

The best valet has all details about the parking space and their car number so that when the customer asks for the car, the valet has the right pointer to fetch the car back again in the quickest way possible.

Are you interested to hire the best valet service for your business in Singapore?

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