What types of vehicle is allowed for class 5 license in Singapore?

By law, every motorist should have a license that lets the authority know that they have been subjected to an examination about traffic rules and how to operate a vehicle under supervision. Although there are different types of license per vehicle type, it’s a bit necessary to understand what types of vehicle is allowed for class 5 license in Singapore.

Light locomotives

According to ASEAN.ORG, the vehicle that class 5 license in Singapore can operate is categorized into 2 categories, light locomotives, and heavy locomotives.

As the name suggests, the light locomotive includes every ride with a passenger capacity of 4 people.

These include the ordinary sedan and other vehicles meant for public travel. In Singapore, the most common type of license is class 3, which includes vehicles although the main difference between class 3 and class 5 license in Singapore is that all lightweight vehicles which are greater than 3000 kg.

Heavy locomotives

Since we are talking about the last category of driving license that people can acquire in Singapore, a person with a class 5 license in Singapore can also drive heavy locomotives.

Such vehicles are heavy vehicles, but not including the trucks made to lift heavyweight. Some of the heavy locomotives include a tractor, bus, refrigerated trucks, dry vans, coaster, etc.

The class 5 license in Singapore includes mass transport vehicles in general terms and anyone who is legally acceptable to drive a bus in Singapore must hold a class 5 license in Singapore.

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Which vehicles are not allowed for class 5

Even class 5 license in Singapore has come vehicles that are not allowed within the spectrum of law. These vehicles need special status by the law and require their own set of processes.

We will explain in detail the vehicles which are not allowed in class 5 license in Singapore.

Unladen weight does not exceed 11,500 kg

The word unladen weight is the weight that is the vehicle’s natural weight without any addition of extra, such as extended load.

When the vehicle’s unladen weight exceeds 11,500 kg, the class 5 license in Singapore cannot approve to operate such vehicle.

Indeed there are some extra-large vehicles such as extractors, large dumpers, and driller machines that don’t come under the jurisdiction of class 5 license in Singapore.

Vehicle not constructed to carry loads

Then we have vehicles build to carry loads, such as large containers to load water, fuel accumulators, and vehicles to carry propulsion or loose equipment.

Various vehicles are large and can carry the extra load but need extra supervision in terms of vehicle operators to handle the vehicle in great care.

Benefits of hiring class 5 licensed driver in Singapore

Why it’s important to discuss different types of licenses in Singapore in the first place? Most readers might think about the need for a vehicle license in the first place.

Particularly for the class 5 license in Singapore, we have listed down some of the benefits of the license and how people can get an advantage in availing of such a license in the first place.

Has all licenses type

As the name class 5 license in Singapore indicates, there should be a various number of vehicle licenses such as class 1, class 2, class 3, and class 4.

As stated by Singapore traffic regulations, to acquire a class 5 license in Singapore it’s important to acquire class 4. And to get class 4 it’s important to get class 3 and sub subsequent license.

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Can driver almost any vehicle

When you have all license with your name, you can operate almost 95% of the vehicle which is very beneficial and open up various job opportunity for you as a professional vehicle operator.

A license is the most basic requirement for any driving job, it’s important to have the best one.

Looking for more information about drivers under class 5 license in Singapore

There are some professional drivers but not possess a class 5 license in Singapore. If you are looking to have a driver with require license, simply contact Preztigez Asia, which ensures that you get a professional driver for the job with the right documentation.