Types of rules that a Singapore driver needs to follow

Like any other country, there are certain rules which need to be followed by Singapore driver on the roads. Most of which are similar to wearing seat belts and not using a phone while driving, there are still the most important ones which refer to regional bases, like a speed limit.

Below are some of the rules which every Singapore driver should obey and ensure that they are not following proper instruction provided to them by the law.

Speed Limit

Let’s start with the speed limit, regarded as the cornerstone of every traffic rule which includes a motor vehicle.

In Singapore, there are various speed limits to follow as regards the zones. There is some zone within urban locality like school zone and market zone, while there are other areas out of urban such as rural and motorway.

We have listed the speed limit as per the specific zone so that Singapore driver can understand and make vehicles under their control.

For urban

The urban locality of Singapore city requires some traffic laws to be followed. One of which is the speed limit.

For urban roads, Singapore driver must ensure to not cross the 50 km/h threshold as crossing the limit will trigger a traffic law violation.

As we have mentioned before, there are certain zones within the urban in which the speed limit defers, out of which is school zones, where the speed limit is 45 km/h. Breaking this law will result in demerit points along with heavy fines.

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For rural

Rural areas are regarded as open areas of land where the number of homes and people walking openly are less in number.

In a rural area, the daytime speed limit is around 70km/h, while during nighttime, when people have to rely on headlights, the speed limit should be 50-60km/h.

For Singapore drivers, the rural area refers to the area near Malaysia or which is not regarded as Motorway. As Singapore is a small island nation, there are currently only two areas regarded as rural, namely Pulau Ubin, and Kampong Lorong Buangkok.

For Motorway

In Singapore, Motorway is commonly referred to as Expressway, which has a length of about 163 km, is a state of the art network of controlled access Highways.

Regarding what speed limit needs to be observed by a Singapore driver, the national traffic law of Singapore advises being around 90 km/h.

For security, there are various speed camera points located in a motorway that takes the snapshot of the vehicle’s front plate and automatically place fine along with demerit points in DIPS.

Drink-drive limit

In Singapore, there are many violations regarded as drink driving in an urban area. Whether the Singapore driver is following all rules of traffic, if it’s found to be under influence of alcohol of about 80 mg of alcohol content in blood, it is found guilty and awarded with a fine.

Depending on the level of alcohol content found in blood or breadth, the Singapore driver will gain demerit points in their DIPS with additional which affects their driving record.

On spot fine

It’s important to discuss few violations which trigger an on-spot fine when found guilty by a traffic inspector in Singapore.

Most of the parking offenses will be awarded instant fines along with some additional violations such as driving in the bus lane, failing to give the signal, not displaying a valid license, and faulty lights to include a few.

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Basic rules on the road

There are some common traffic rules which must be observed by Singapore driver. Some of the basic rules include using the phone when driving as it’s regarded as illegal to use a cell phone and triggers strict consequences when found guilty.

A widely regarded traffic law that every Singapore driver needs to follow is traffic light. It is against the law to turn left or right at a red light in a junction. In Singapore, cameras are placed above the traffic signals to capture the vehicle number plate which instantly triggers fine and demerit points over the Singapore driver.

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