Top 9 best valet service in Singapore for your next event

When a business or a host want to improve customer experience, they opt to hire nothing but best valet service.

There are various companies that offer valet services in Singapore. This blog is aim to provide details for the top 9 companies which provide best valet service along with a great track record.

Important thing to understood here is the best valet service comes with other services that help makes customer feel more special such as meet and greet ambassador and traffic marshal.

Preztigez Asia

When we are dealing with top companies with best valet service, nothing come close to Preztigez Asia.

It’s consider as one of the leading company in providing transportation solution for hospitality sector as well as any individual.

The service provided by Preztigez Asia includes best valet service, along with driver for hire, rent a car, airport ambassador, meet and greet personal and traffic marshal to name a few.

iDrive Valet

IDrive Valet is a household name in Singapore which feature dedicated valet service for customer who needed it.

With their friendly staff, follow customer schedule in timely manner and considered to be most reliable service, iDrive is surely considered one of the best valet service.

The company also provide drink and drive services along with driver for hire, rent a car service also meet and greet professional.

List of valet companies that offer ultimate prestige in Singapore

Express Valet

People who prefer the best valet service should consult with the company with a great track record and years worth of experience on the ground.

One of such company that offer their services is none other than Express Valet. As the name suggest, they provide valet service to customers in Singapore.

You can reach them directly through calling or dropping an email. They will need 60 minutes to arrive on the designated place as well as 24 hours to book the service beforehand.

Prestige Valet

People who prefer valet are either host or hospitality business owner. When you are a host of an event, whether an organizer or one person, getting the best valet service is quite important.

Then there are companies which provide more than just valet service. One of such companies is Prestige Valet.

They provide service which adds more customer experience and make your guest fulfilled. Including their best valet service, Prestige Valet also offer traffic marshal, manpower solutions and Limo service.

Drive home Service

Drive home service has two major services, one is for drink and driving customer while other is my chauffeur valet.

Since 2014, My Chauffeur valet has been providing best valet service in Singapore which help clients to do point to point pick up and drop off on client’s request.

With a reliable valet service on demand, Drive home Services has managed to make a name for itself as one of the top companies in Singapore which offer valet services in great zeal and devotion.

A simple call will get them up to speed to provide their valet services in lightening speed.

Frin Car Valet

Frin Car valet as the name suggest provide valet solutions in Singapore. Along with best valet service, Frin Car valet provide various other services such as traffic marshal, limo services, shuttle services and driver for hire.

In an event, it’s imperative to provide a full package to host that includes manpower for event organization, best valet service which is extended for both private and public events.

How can people benefit from prestige valet service in Singapore?

Sa Valet

Since 1997, S.A Valet Pte ltd has been providing best valet service in Singapore for customers that belong from hospitality sector.

Including the valeting service, they also offer shuttle service along with limo driving solution. The driver for hire is something you can expect from S.A Valet which are either chauffeur or ordinary driver for hire.

Anytime Valet

Anytime valet is a holistic valet service provider in Singapore for events, business, restaurants and such. From car jockey, to drive home and part time driver service is something you can expect from Anytime Valet.

Being on of the best valet service, the company ensures that all major business like hospital, parties, wedding, malls and hotel can opt for our service without any trouble.

G Tech Pte Ltd

Parking solution from G tech pte ltd is considered as optimal since it strengthens your business in providing best customer satisfaction.

With feasibility in assessing your needs in terms of valet access, G Tech Pte Ltd will provide their service in large and wide places as per our requirement.