Why SUV is great car for long distance personal driver service?

There are times when people just wanted to go out for long-distance travel, but traveling long-distance requires a lot of endurance from the driver’s side. There’s where long-distance personal drivers service comes in through SUV car.

We would like to shed more light on the selection of SUVs for long distance personal driver with some amazing benefits they carry.


Let’s start with the most important benefit that SUV provides for long distance personal driver, and that’s safety.

When we talk about a vehicle’s safety, it’s important to discuss a bit about the structure of the car, as it can handle every terrain more effectively.

Secondly, the long distance personal driver must have better control over the vehicle since long distances might make them tired. This is possible through other safety elements in place such as seat belts and airbags.

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Energy Efficient

Vehicle energy comes with fuel consumption. For a vehicle to become energy efficient is through less fuel consumption. This goes in double for long distance personal driver.

The long distance means a large amount will be used in fuel as well. When people are looking to cross hundreds of miles, they should look for a vehicle that has all modern features along with better fuel consumption.

SUV ranks at the top in all areas, especially with its energy conservation, especially through Hybrid technology.


A vehicle for long distance personal driver must be strong and vigorous. It must have large suspension, strong types, great body, and most importantly comfort for passengers.

SUV is considered one of the robust vehicles especially when you are looking for a long-distance drive.

Based on the usability for long distance personal driver, the SUV also holds the most point and the handling of the vehicle is seamless even in difficult handle situation.

Towing ability

Modern SUVs can tow heavier loads with ease, this is because the distance between the front and rear axle is longer.

Towing ability is considered as an assurance since with towing, you don’t have to wait for any large truck if your vehicle is stuck in a ditch especially during rain.

The towing when attached to any stationary object can help to take out the vehicle easily. This is extremely important when driving during a downpour.

Better handling

Let’s talk a bit about handling SUVs especially when opting for long distance personal driver.

The handling is effective when tires are soft along with less traction. Then there’s power steering ability which requires less strength to control the vehicle.

During long-distance and when driving over the highway at increased speed, having better handling ability is highly required, that’s where SUV comes into the picture.

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More seating capacity

When we compared with ordinary sedans, there are 5 max seating capacity. While SUV has 7 seats and can occupy 8 people incomplete.

Along with seating capacity, it’s also important to consider that comfort level of traveler, which SUV provide expertly.

Many people opt for SUV when hiring long distance personal driver only because of their higher seating capacity level.


In a vehicle, performance is everything. It includes acceleration, top speed, braking, and cornering.

SUV make and model is in such a way that it has an excellent handling capability and with a four-cylinder engine, the speed is also something a long distance personal driver can expect without any trouble.

Big Trunk

When riding for a long distance, it’s imperative to have a big trunk that can hold a lot of things for the trip.

SUVs not only have a large trunk but they can use roof carriers as an attachment to carry even more things insecure manner.

Resistant to bad weather

With features like towing, 4wd, and fog lights features, SUV can withstand bad weather most effectively when compared to the ordinary sedan.

This goes in a double manner when opting for long distance personal driver since weather gets different when crossing various regions in your travels, especially when going to mountainous places.

Looking to hire an SUV along with a long distance personal driver service in Singapore?

We can’t emphasize enough about the importance of availing SUV for long distance personal driver. If you are looking to get a car for your long trip in Singapore, simply contact Preztigez Asia, which offers an excellent driver for hire service along with vehicles for rent.