Steps to choose the best personal driver for your needs

Finding the right personal driver for your need is nothing short of a challenge. It’s required that a professional driver is the right one, with not just experience in driving but also all the etiquette required during the job.

For the same reason, we have complied with major steps to choose the best professional driver for your needs below.

Find good referral 

Like anything else in the world, the first step is to ask your friends and family about any personal driver that they know. The referral has proved to be the first step that should be availed before going on your search.

The way that referral works for finding the right professional driver, it’s important to first find the experience of the driver and whether they are equipped in driving any car or general care for the matter.

If there’s no professional driver within the reach through referral, go on and about finding the one on your way.

Driver’s Experiences

Many professional websites offer personal driver services, but on seeing these sites, it’s important to note that experience tops the list for finding the personal driver.

Experience in driving career should be more than 10 years to stay in a better area, although at the minimum, it should be around 2 or more.

The experience counts that driver understands which car the driver has ridden before. Also, the which owner has it stayed on their previous job explains more about the variety of the personal driver altogether.

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Familiar with the local region

It’s not just optional or recommended, but compulsory for a personal driver to have plenty of understanding about the local region.

This is what driving is all about because if a driver is not completely familiar with the region, you’ll miss a lot of better features of the city that you are driving around.

If you are spending time on your vacation, having a professional driver who has adequate familiarity with the local region, you’ll overall experience will improve.

Test and Screening

When you have selected the right candidate for the personal driver job, it’s recommended to test them by riding with them.

The test and screening in real-time go a long way in choosing the best personal driver for your needs.

Not to mention the screening also includes finding their background checks either by the security agency, if you need to double-check on the driver’s history.

Things that your driver must have

Finding the right personal drivers cannot be possible if you are not sure what to expect from the driver itself.

The driver must have some traits which help you in going on and about with your driver at ease. Because at least if your driver is not experienced, all your riding experience will turn into an awful experience.


The skills are the natural feature that separates a normal rider from a professional personal driver. The skills come from experience as well as knowledge.

Asking directly by the potential candidate of personal driver helps you to understand the skills the driver has. If you need to find more about the skills element, give them a test drive for a day or two and spin around the city with them.


A personal driver should be adequately disciplined. They must know that during the job, they should be cleaning their ride, checking for any issues with the vehicle, and properly respond to their clients when needed.

Saying only necessary and keep driving in dedication is something admired by all walks of life, even for personal driver-related work.

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If a driver is responsible for their job, it’s more than 80% of the job requirements fulfilled. Responsibility of the personal driver goes with vehicle safety, responsible driving, make sure the things inside the car are kept under their watchful keen eye.

Because one thing is certain for a personal driver, they will be engaged in more than just driving when the hired driver is working for a family.


Are you looking to hire your driver in Singapore for your needs?

There are other features which are expected by the best personal driver to choose, such as alertness, and loyalty.

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