What are the speeding fines in Singapore?

Learning about the speeding fines in Singapore for understanding the traffic laws is an important element for every driver.

It helps us to get up to speed about breaking any laws and ready for the consequences, or in another spectrum, be careful about not breaking any law and get issued heavy speeding fines in Singapore.

We have tried to explain in a detailed manner about different types of speeding fines in Singapore and how is it calculated in general.

Vehicular speed limit

Every vehicle has different horsepower and subsequently total speed. Like if we compare a sports car with a normal sedan, the speed of the vehicle will surely be different.

Concerning different speeding fines in Singapore, there are different vehicular speed limits upon which the fine is enforced.

At the most basic speed fines, the vehicular limit when crossed after 0 – 20 km/h, in Singapore, the offense applied over the person. Based on vehicle stat and power, the limit is calculated. Also, from one-seater motorbikes to an SUV, every vehicle needs to be learned beforehand about their respective speeding limit, which in most cases are the same.

Road speed limit

After putting some light on the vehicle limit, there’s the road speed limit. In most countries, the number labeled with the red sign is the road speed limit and it gets changed per road.

Talking about the speed limit in Singapore, the general speed limit is 50 km/h until it is stated otherwise, based on circumstances and exceptions.

Notably, there is restricted road speed in Singapore based on zones, such as school zone and silver zones have 40 km/h. Expressway or highway has 80 km/h or 90 km/h.

Light vehicle 

After talking a little bit about the limit, there are then speeding fines in Singapore applied over the different sizes of vehicles.

The main reason for applying fines is to let the driver know that it has made an offense and a fine will help them to be careful in the future.

If the vehicle is light in weight, such as a family vehicle or everyday use light vehicle, the fine is usually lower. The difference between speeding fines in Singapore in light and the heavy vehicle is usually $50 to $100.

Another thing to remember about the classification of vehicles, every vehicle comes under the light category if is stated as large vehicles.

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Large vehicle

The large vehicle when found offending the traffic laws is usually apply with more heavy speeding fines in Singapore.

Categorically, large vehicles consist of trucks and trolleys. Some of the names of large vehicles in the truck category are concrete transport truck, mobile crane, dump truck, garbage truck, log carrier, refrigerator truck, tractor unit, and tank truck.

Although it’s important to note that based on the speeding limit the fines are extra when compared to light vehicles, but the demerit points are the same.

Demerit points

In Singapore, to ensure that people driver responsibility, there’s a point included and deduced within their account it is known as Driver Improvement Points System (DIPS).

Based on the intensity of the speeding fines in Singapore, demerit points are awarded inside the account of the driver.

Although the demerit points are not permanent, and if there’s no offense in traffic law for 12 months, the demerit points will be reinstated and removed automatically.

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Because we are talking about fines, it’s important to understand the different rates of speeding fines in Singapore.

Talking about light vehicles only, when the vehicle crossed 20 km/h of the limit, it fine applied will be $150. From 21 – 30 km/h, the fine increased to $200. From 31 – 40 km/h, the fine is 300$.

The more serious offense starts when speed is exceeding more than 41 km/h to 50 km and 51 km/ h to 60 km/h. The fines are more severe, over $10,000, because the offender has to pay a fine to the court of the law along with the chance of getting disqualification of in driving license.

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