How to save money through hiring personal vehicle driver?

Many people would find it a bit conflicting that hiring a personal vehicle driver would save you money. As hiring a driver means paying from your pocket, what would someone be saving instead of losing more money in reality.

To clear this ambiguity for good, we are explained some factors which would help understand our readers about our main title, how to save money through hiring a personal vehicle driver.

No maintenance cost

A professional driver when hired from a reputable company will come with their vehicle.

The vehicle which comes with the driver will be fully maintained but there’s no additional cost for maintenance.

All the customer needs to look after is pay for the car and fuel along with the driver. If are hiring a personal vehicle driver for a specific event, all travelers could contribute equally in paying for the service.

When you compared this with your ride, it might be possible that your vehicle is not up for long-distance travel and it would need an extra amount of maintenance at the end.

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Reduce accident risk

You know what is the major cost element in our lives besides the food, water, and cloths, its medical expenses.

If a person is ill, the medical expense will something that will stay with them until they are fully cured.

Although it has been found countless times that accident happens from traffic might get you in terrible trouble in the department of medical expense as well as repair damages.

On the other hand, a personal vehicle driver with the rented car will be fully insured and if there’s any unforeseen event that comes into effect and damages the car, the insurance will be covered that comes with the vehicle.

Reduce work stress

The stress which comes with work is natural and it’s important to added stress doesn’t come while riding your car in heavy traffic.

People do a lot of things to reduce work stress. They go on long travel and pay a lot for touring, or they get to indulge in heavy drinking now and then.

If you consider hiring a personal vehicle driver along with a car, it will help to reduce the work stress greatly.


As we have suggested before, by hiring a personal vehicle driver, you could be well-rested during your travels.

There’s a lot of benefits when you are rested. Such as you will feel happy and more in control of your temper like before.

Talking with family and friends will prove fruitful and it helps you bond better. While a stressed mind is prone to a quick temper which brings its damage in several ways.

Work during travels

There are two things to consider when saving money, One is to save extra expenses while the other is to earn more within your limited time.

The time spends driving or waiting in traffic can be utilized to finish pending work or attend some emergency calls.

In Singapore, using a cell phone for calling or texting is considered a major offense, which has its repercussion in the form of fine and poor track record.

Doesn’t affect by peak hours

If you’re a technology prudent, you might have heard ride-hailing apps and peak hours. The peak hours sometimes cross to a level with unheard off ride costs.

Hiring a full-time personal vehicle driver will have no concept of peak hours, meaning you can plan your travel in a more definite manner without relying on artificial intelligence and their created peak hours elements.

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Full time vs per hour

Many readers will agree that full-time hiring is better than people hired per hour. A personal vehicle driver can come with full time as well as per hour.

Depending on your requirement, you can avail of the solutions for full time for several days, as the cost will be overall. While per hour is better if you are looking to use the driver for a decided duration and not for a whole day.

Are you looking to hire a personal vehicle driver in Singapore?

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