Rules of the demerit point system in Singapore

Drive Improvement Point Systems or DIPs is a system adopted by Singapore to keep roads offense under control. It helps people to review themselves from their past offense and get awarded with a demerit points system in Singapore if they violate the traffic law.

DIPS was introduced in 1983 as being one of the digital systems for check and balance for motorists and keep them under control. 

Although to fully grasp the demerit points system in Singapore, we have laid down some of the rules that help our readers understand how all the demerit points work.

1st suspension provoked on 24 demerit points 

The demerit points system in Singapore helps remain the roads safe from traffic violators. Some people violate the cause of an accident, it usually happens rarely. But when there’s no serious consequence applied over them; the driver keeps breaking laws more frequently.

As the demerit points system in Singapore provides drivers with a negative value, there’s a limit until you will be suspended for driving, also known as a probation period of 12 months. After 24 demerit points, the driver’s license will land on probation, and they will be barred from driving any vehicle until that time.

2nd suspension provoked 12 demerit points

After the 12 months after 1st suspension is awarded, the driver can get the suspension removed automatically and they can start driving. Although if they happen to still break the law the demerit points system in Singapore comes into action with only 12 demerit points for 2nd suspension.

This suspension also bars him with more than 12 months, although all subsequent suspensions will be provoked after 12 points after their license is back online.

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Probation clears after 12 months offense free time

The thing about the probation period is that it’s under a strict zone. The demerit points system in Singapore enables the driver under probatory area is a drive but only with extreme caution. 

During the probatory period, if the driver gets 12 demerit points, their license will be revoked. They cannot retake any test for driving before the 12 months are passed.

Takes immediate effects

Once a driver is awarded demerit points, it comes to immediate effect in its demerit points system in Singapore.

This means if the suspension limit for demerit points comes into effect, the driver will be a bar from driving from that very moment. 

All points return after 24 months offense-free time

The thing about the demerit points system in Singapore is that it’s not permanent. If the driver has taken their driving seriously and follow the traffic laws of Singapore for 24 months without any offense, the demerit points will be removed, and all points will come into their original form.

This help administration to keep providing second chances to people who have understood the importance to follow traffic laws and keeping them and another safe from the offense.

No appeal allowed

The thing about the demerit points system in Singapore is that is all digital and cannot be changed through interference. This keeps it both simple as well as transparent to award demerits to people violating the law without indiscrimination.

Because of the transparency of the demerit point system in Singapore, no appeal can reverse the demerit points for your own DIPS account.

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License revoked after 12 months of offense

When a driver is suspended for more than 12 months, the license will be revoked permanently. This only happens if the driver keeps getting the demerit points within the probatory period and keeps on adding the time for the probation period.

The license revoked through the demerit point system in Singapore is quick for the driver that makes a habit to break laws. That’s what keeps the road safe because no reckless driver can survive through the demerit point system in Singapore.

After revoked, re-sit in exam needed

Once the driver’s license is revoked, they need to re-sit in the driving exam from start and go through all the requirements again.

This part is similar for everyone, although it takes time for a person to get their license back, and then have their DIPS restart from the start point.

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