What are the responsibilities to avail hotel valet parking jobs?

Often establishments place the opening of vacancies for hotel valet parking jobs. They might be a person or a company offering hotel valet service to the establishment.

But before we could understand the importance of hotel valet parking jobs, it’s also important to learn about the responsibilities of a hotel valet parking service and what to expect from these professionals.

Greet guests

99% of the time, the hospitality sector avails the vacancy of hotel valet parking jobs. This means that the customers that the sector has are guests.

Guests who are either visiting their establishment or staying for a duration like a hotel use the valet services in general.

And like you can expect from any good host, the first thing a hotel valet professional will do is greet their guests. A simple smile with a welcome to the guest would go a long way for guests arriving at any elegant hotel for a stay.

Dress up elegantly

The valet dresses up for the occasion, like being the host for a hotel establishment. The most basic attire for valet is usually a necktie, black and white dress along with properly combed hair, clean face, and perfumed.

This is a part of the responsibilities that every valet must adhere to. On the other hand, if your guest notices a valet with improper attire, it goes really bad for the overall experience of your guest.

Open door of the car on arrival and departure

It is one of the etiquette as well as part of the hotel valet parking jobs to open the door for guests on arrival and departure.

The opening of the vehicle door shows special treatment towards the guest which is considered to be a positive first impression.

Opening the door also helps guests to give better remarks about an establishment since it aims to offer an experience for customers.

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Assist with loading and unloading luggage

The guest that is staying at a hotel would probably have luggage in their vehicle. It’s one of the roles of hotel valet parking jobs to assist guests with loading and unloading luggage.

It might be the case when luggage is extra and the guest explicitly needs a hand to handle the luggage for the guest.

But if the luggage is small and could be covered by the guest alone, then valet professionals need to ask whether they could handle their luggage for them towards the counter. It’s considered basic etiquette.

Give customer pick up ticket

Every valet needs to provide a ticket for identification of the vehicle and its owners to the guest after they have provided them the car keys.

These labels are usually noted with the car’s registration number so that every name is unique. The guest simply needs to hold the ticket and give it to the valet counter when they are about to leave the hotel premises.

Upon handing the ticket back, the valet will fetch the car and give back the keys to the guest, all promptly.

Park car 

Parking a car in a predetermined area is something you can expect after advertising hotel valet parking jobs.

Parking the car should be done with responsibility and operate a vehicle most diligently, so that parking is performed without any chance of an accident.

It’s also worth noting that valet companies that are insured will cover any damage to the vehicle during their care, which is always the prime concern of hotel establishment.

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Retrieve car for guest

Upon handling the ticket back to the valet counter, it directly indicates that the guest is looking to have his car arrive at the front gate.

Some of the hotels offer telephone benefits so that you can call your valet professional to fetch the car and once it reaches the entrance, only then the guest could come down to leave the premises.


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