How to reduce Singapore drink driving penalty?

Singapore drink drinking offense is a harsh one, and authorities remain vigilant to ensure that such offense is controlled.

The reason for the strict penalty of Singapore drink driving is because most traffic accidents are factored in because of alcohol overdoes and drinking offenses.

We are going to mention a few of the steps which ensure to reduce the offense of Singapore drinks driving in greater terms.

Don’t drive alone on nights out

The first thing we would like our readers to understand that going alone for your usual night’s outs is not recommended.

There are two reasons behind such claims, one is a solo person will most probably be affected by alcohol overdoes in greater terms. Another reason is for safety is when there’s a friend accompanying, it will handle a situation such as driving on behave of a friend who overdoes with alcohol consumption.

Avoid consuming alcohol above the legal limit

There’s a legal limit assigned by the authorities which don’t offend Singapore drink driving law. The legal limit of Singapore drink driving is 30 mg of alcohol in 100 ml of breath.

Although there’s a device used to check alcohol on breath, it a difficult for the average person to understand how to refrain from heavy drinking.

In simple terms, a person can drink around 4 glasses of alcohol to remain under the limit of Singapore drink driving and avoid consequences for the better.

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Drink plenty of water

People when become aware of their drunk problem shouldn’t get distressed as to how to drive a vehicle back into their home. They can try to drink plenty of water as drinking water before alcohol and after it will make its effect reduce as well as reduce the chance of getting completely drunk without any trouble.

If a person is engaged in drinking water in greater amount will also help reduce the level of drinking alcohol to is a greater degree.

This helps people to restrain themselves from the effect of Singapore drink driving because it’s a breaking of the law and a major offense.

Eat food before alcohol

Eating outs and then consuming alcohol should be the right way to help people in restraining from offending Singapore drink driving penalty.

Eating makes people get fulfilled with any urges to get high on alcohol overdoes. The food should be getting only before the alcohol and not after it, because eating after alcohol will not register well.

Even eating light snacks will also play a great role in reducing the effect of getting highly overdoes on alcohol. Hence it helps refrains to offend the law of Singapore drink driving.

Hire a taxi

There are times when you are found yourself alone and have a knack to go get drinking to your content. If that’s the case, make sure you don’t drive home all by yourself.

Make sure to hire a taxi which takes you back home without any trouble. Park your car near the place of drinking and pick it up the next day.

The main thing for hiring a taxi is for your now security, and it should also help you to avoid the penalty of Singapore drink driving law.

Don’t come under pressure of friends

When people are having a great time among friends, there are times when friends pressure to get overdoes.

Everyone should learn their weaknesses and try to refrain from the offense of Singapore drink driving law.

Also, heavy drinking for the first time is even more dangerous as the ability to control your legs becomes even weaker than before. Hence, it’s advised to not come under pressure among pressure of friends.

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Hire a driver for your night outs days

There’s a solution which we would like to mention at the end, which is considered as the safest and highly effective one, simply hire a driver for your nights out.

The role of a personal driver will keep waiting at the car, he will perform pick and drop service from your home to the place of your nights out. He will ensure that you reached your home despite being overdone.

Want to contact an expert in hiring drivers to reduce Singapore drink driving offenses?

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