Preztigez Asia Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us

In this policy, “we”, “us”, “our” or “PA” means PREZTIGEZ ASIA PRIVATE LIMITED, “you”, “your” or “yours” means the persons to whom this policy applies and “PA” means PREZTIGEZ ASIA PRVATE LIMITED, its related corporations, affiliates, branches and management.

The security of your personal data is important to us. PREZTIGEZ ASIA PRIVATE LIMITED has in place safeguards to protect the personal data stored with us.

This policy describes how we may collect, use, disclose and manage your personal data.

This policy applies to any individual’s personal data which is in our possession or under our control.

What personal data we collect

“Personal data” is data that can be used to identify a natural person. Some examples of personal data that we may collect are:

  • personal particulars (e.g. Name, contact details, residential address, date of birth, identity card/passport details, and/or education details)

  • financial details (e.g. Undischarged and/or discharged bankruptcy)

  • employment details (e.g. occupation, directorships and other positions held, employment history)

  • Images (IC/Passport)

  • information about your profile-, criminal records and/or traffic offence

  • personal opinions made known to us (e.g. feedback or responses to monthly work review)

Usage of your personal data

We may use your personal data for our core business purposes, such as:

  • carrying research, planning and statistical analysis; or

  • analytic for the purposes of developing or improving in employee’s incentive scheme package.

  • Assessing and processing applications, instructions or requests from our customers.

  • communicating with you, including providing you with updates on changes to policies and S.O.P (whether made available by us or through us)

  • managing our infrastructure and business operations and complying with internal policies and procedures

  • responding to queries or feedback

  • addressing or investigating any complaints, claims or disputes:

  • verifying your identity for the purposes of providing background checks and security screening.

  • conducting credit checks, screenings or due diligence checks as may be required under applicable law, regulation or directive:

  • complying with all applicable laws, regulations, rules, directives, orders, instruction and requests from any local or foreign authorities, including regulatory,

governmental, tax and law enforcement authorities or public agencies:

  • enforcing obligations owed to us:

  • complying with obligations and requirements imposed by us from time to time by any public agencies or security sharing services of which we are

a member or subscriber:

  • creating and maintaining risk related management:

  • enforcing obligations owed to us; and/or

  • seeking professional advice, including legal advice.

We may also use personal data for purposes set out in the terms and conditions that govern our relationship with you or our customers.

Nothing in this section shall vary or supercede the terms and conditions that govern our relationship with you.

Disclosure and sharing of personal data

We may from time to time and in compliance with all applicable laws on data privacy, disclose your personal data to any personnel of PREZTIGEZ ASIA PRIVATE LIMITED or to third parties, whether located in Singapore or elsewhere, in order to carry out the purposes set out above. Please be assured that when we disclose your personal data to such parties, we require them to ensure that any personal data disclosed to them are kept confidential and secure.

For more information about the parties with whom we share your personal data, you may, where appropriate, wish to refer to the agreement(s) and/or terms and conditions that govern our relationship with you or our customer. You may also contact us for more information. (please see the “How to contact us” section below)

We wish to emphasise that PREZTIGEZ ASIA PRIVATE LIMITED does not sell personal data to any third parties and we shall remain fully compliant of any duty or obligation of confidentiality imposed on us under the applicable agreement(s) and/or terms and conditions that govern our relationship with you or our customer or any applicable law.

We may transfer, store, process and/or deal with your personal data outside Singapore. In doing so, we will comply with the PDPA and other applicable data protection and privacy laws.

Retention of personal data

Your personal data is retained as long as the purpose for which it was collected remains and until it is no longer necessary for any other legal or business purposes.

Access and correction

You may request access or make corrections to your personal data held by PREZTIGEZ ASIA PRIVATE LIMITED

Please contact us (please see the “How to contact us” section below) for details on how you may request such access or corrections.

How to contact us

To contact us on any aspect of this policy or your personal data or to provide any feedback you may have, please inform any of our supervisor or get in touch with our

Data Protection Officer in the following ways:

Office Telephone number: +65 6659 8779


Amendments and updates of PREZTIGEZ ASIA PRIVATE LIMITED Privacy Policy

We may amend this policy from time to time to ensure that this policy is consistent with any developments to the way PREZTIGEZ ASIA PRIVATE LIMITED uses your personal data or any changes to the laws and regulations applicable to PREZTIGEZ ASIA PRIVATE LMITED. We will make available the updated policy on our web site ( All communications and dealings with us shall be subjected to the latest version of this policy in force at the time.

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