Where does parking valet service required for best guest experience?

Parking valet service is availed by many businesses. This is to fulfill the requirement from management to provide solutions against self-parking issues faced by guests and clients.

The parking valet service will ensure that vehicle is parked once they visit the venue and the vehicle will be fetched once a guest is about to leave the premises.

Let’s understand about venues where parking valet service is required to offer the best guest experience.

Single event

Often it has been observed that parking valet services are hired for usually a single event. It might be a wedding, birthday event, or corporate event for a single night.

The event organizer offers a parking service for guests so that they don’t have to worry about self-parking.

The place where valet parks their vehicle are usually a temporary field, multi-story parking lot, or even at the side of the road if there’s no place to park.

The event organizer is the one to provide the space for parking as well as provide them with a rough number of vehicle capacity which is expected to arrive, so that parking valet service has maximum control over the parking situation.

Restaurant or bar

A restaurant that is established at the side of the road usually hires a parking valet service to handle parking for the client.

The restaurant management prefers that luxury and well-looking vehicles of guests is parked near the entrance for advertising and marketing purposes.

The area where parking valet service is needed to park customer’s vehicles who are visiting restaurants is mostly side of the road.

The valet secures the vehicle of the guest as well as brings the vehicle once the guest is about to leave, which helps reduce the traffic congestion near the entrance.

What are the Benefits of hotel with valet parking?

Crowded urban setting

The term crowded urban setting could be referred to as a bar, cinema, or even a shopping hall where many people are visiting at a particular time within the city center.

The parking valet service offers their services so that traffic congestion is limited as well as the vehicle of guests is fully protected.

The spaces are more expensive for a crowded urban setting and in most cases the organizer charge customer who are availing valet service to park in premium spaces.


Hotel parking valet service is needed for customers who are looking to stay overnight and need a place for their vehicle to be parked securely.

The cost of hotel valet parking is charged almost double when compared to valet parking for bars, or restaurants. This is usually because of a captive market where hotels get better scores when providing features to their guests.


Some countries like Singapore offer airport parking valet services. The concept is similar for parking the vehicle and upkeeping their keys for the time being.

Usually, for the airport, the cost of a vehicle being parked at the airport is charged per hour. So for how much duration the vehicle is being parked at the parking lot, the customer will be charged when they are about to retrieve their vehicle.


Casino offer parking valet service for guest. In most of the places, where the casino is large and also accommodates lodging, valet parking is provided either at low cost or free of charge.

The casinos also needed to offer an excellent guest experience to improve their rating and attract more customers visiting their establishment.

Benefits of hiring the valet company for hotels


In the hospital, the parking valet service ensures that traffic congestion is limited because of patients coming in an emergency towards the hospital should not face traffic at the entrance.

The parking valet service will ensure that people visiting their loved ones or people coming in for checkups have valet taken care of their vehicle.

But almost in all cases, the valet hired by the hospital is not free and is charged separately to people who avail of the valet service explicitly.

Want to hire a parking valet service to have the best experience for your guest in Singapore?

The need to hire parking valet service is mostly because to improve the overall customer experience as well as to ensure that traffic congestion is limited at the entrance.

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