How much tip should we give to hotel valet service?

In most of the areas where hotel valet service is available, the guest does not need to pay anything since the establishment wants to provide parking privileges to their guest.

Although it’s considered one of the etiquettes as well as standard to provide a tip to the hotel valet service once they bring the car at the entrance and hand you the keys.

For the same reason, we want to provide a simple guide as to how much tip should we give to the hotel valet service.

Low-level hotel

Firstly, we want to let out the most important element for tip is that it’s between the guest and the valet driver and is given as per your discretion.

Secondly, the type of place you are visiting depends on the rate of the tip as well. The standard lodging or 2-3 star hotel set up usually has a $1 to $5 tip.

People could always pay more as per their wish. If the tip is greater, the ultimate benefactor will be the valet professional who provides their services to you for parking and bring the car back when you needed it.

Mid-level hotel

Then there is a mid-level hotel, which is not so different from a low-level hotel in terms of the luxury element.

For this setup, around $2 to $5 is the rate for the tip that people give to hotel valet service. As for the low-level hotel, people visiting mid-size hotels through valet could also increase the tip as per their discretion.

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Luxury hotel

For a luxury hotel, it’s almost a must to tip the hotel valet service. As the rates of such hotels are also on a high scale, the tip is also usually around $5 and more.

There are various types of luxury hotels some or high end and others are royalty-based. The rates depend on how well you are satisfied with the overall treatment of the management. Hotel valet service is one of the parts of the service that hotels are providing to their guests.

Should we tip before or after?

There is a usually different person who takes your car to a parking spot and who brings it back once you are about to leave the premises.

It’s actually up to people to tip the driver before they are parking the car or someone when they hand them the keys during departure.

As the rule of thumb, it’s better to tip the driver once you hand them the keys and again when they bring the car to the entrance since both are a different person.

When to tip more

There are times when a guest should pay more than the standard rates. It usually depends on some of the extra service acquired by the valet professional. We have listed some of the common elements when it’s better to tip the hotel valet service.

Tip more during bad weather

When you notice the weather being bad and the hotel valet service parking and bring the car back for your behave, it’s better to tip them extra.

This is all about etiquette and understanding that it’s their job which might be quite difficult during bad weather. Paying extra truly brings satisfaction and extra motivation for valet professionals.

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Tip more when valet handle your luggage

The thing about hotel valet service is that they usually handle a guest with large luggage. Part of their responsibility is to ensure that guest luggage is being taken care of from the entrance towards the counter area, where hotel management will handle luggage from there.

If you see that valet professionals are handing your luggage once you arrive and when you depart, it’s important to pay tip little extra to both the person. It’s separate from the driver you bring your car to the doorstep.


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The tip is entirely up to the guest and how much they are willing to pay is up to them. The hotel valet service is not picky even if no tip is given to them. Although giving tips is always better.

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