List of valet companies that offer ultimate prestige in Singapore

There are needs for particular a hospitality company to offer an excellent experience for their guest. One of such is possible through hiring a valet company by ultimate prestige in Singapore.

For the same reason, we have listed down some of the best valet companies which offer a comprehensive solution regarding valet in Singapore along with other solution that aims to help customer to park and pick vehicle at the entrance.

Some of the benefactors for valet in Singapore are a restaurant, hotels, airport maintenance, and any for event organizers.


Preztigez Asia is considered the leader in delivering solutions regarding valet with ultimate prestige in Singapore.

Along with valet service, other services provided by Preztigez Asia are a private driver for hire, ambassador for pick and drop and airport meet and greet.

The aim for Preztigez Asia is to offer the best possible solution in the domain of hospitality which aims to offer the most relief to the guest.

To obtain the service for valet with prestige in Singapore, simply contact to have a valet service with an excellent track record.

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Express Valet

For people who need a valet service to avoid issue during parking in an event, Express Valet being one of the high class and prestige in Singapore provide such solution.

Their dedicated drivers will manage the guest cars regarding properly parking them on point and pick them when the guests ask for them.

Plus having the valet service, Express Valet also offers a solution that includes a driver for hire, so that people could get a driver for their driving needs.

Before hiring the valet service from Express Valet, it’s important to ask them about the availability of the service in Singapore in the first place.


Talking about the most visited valet company with prestige in Singapore, iDriveValet is the right option for the job.

With their slogan “When you drink, We will drive”. iDriveValet offer services for their customer who need to have a pick and drop solution or driver for hire.

With the valet solution to be availed by the client, iDriveValet ensures a friendly staff member which comes on time and issues a reliable service for a whole. Hence people looking for a driving solution should consult iDriveValet for a complete package.


In an event, there’s plenty of people needed to make it successful, such as the job of the host to make it happen on time.

One of such is hiring a valet company that offers prestige in Singapore. The thing about PrestigeValet is that they understand the need for having a valet service in the first place.

Along with the main valet service, to have flawless event management, it important to hire a traffic marshall, manpower for the event as well as Limo service.

All of which is available within the jurisdiction of PrestigeValet so that customer doesn’t have to worry about having an expert driving offer their services.

Any Time Valets

As the name suggests, Any Time Valet is considered to be the most prestige in Singapore from whom one can expect a solid valet service.

There are various other services offered by the company in Singapore, which are related to helping people fix their troubles regarding a driver.

They offer part-time drivers for hire to full-time drivers along with Limousine service which makes further improves the experience of the customer even better.

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Wilson Parking

Wilson Parking is an international company that offers valet service, although it also offers valet prestige in Singapore.

People which are looking to hold a large event but not enough parking solution, Wilson Parking offer just the right service for the customer which ensures that all the parking services are covered by their expert assistance.

SA Valet

SA valet has been offering services of prestige in Singapore over more than two decades and with a reputation to behold.

Referring to the comprehensive solution, they offer valet parking services along with shuttle service and Limo services for special days.

SA Valet has a colorful portfolio that offers a dedicated solution that aims to offer valet solution that helps people best of their ability.