How hospitality companies pick the best valet driving for their business?

Picking the best personnel for valet driving seems a bit straightforward solution for customers, but what about the businesses who are providing the services to the customers in the first place?

Let’s dive into this question in detail by dissecting the abilities that a person who comes as the right choice for valet driving for these hospitality companies for their businesses.

Effective at handling pressure

First and foremost, a claim to have a better ability in valet driving needs to be cool-headed at all costs. It has been found many times that driving cars for hours tends to make people cranky. That’s a big no for a personal aimed at picking up valet driving for businesses.

The main reason for a valet driver to remain effective in handling pressure is because handling the client’s car should be done in the most focused manner. 

There will be times when large queues of cars will make them a bit down, although reman at the crux of the business, the role of an expert in valet driving belongs under the hospitality sectors, which demands cool-headed always.

Decision maker

A driver must have an initiative mindset, ability to make decisions on a wimp. It’s quite a possibility that the procedure of businesses of valet driving would not be as per plan, hence the driver on its own must decide without waiting from their superior.

People with a sense of leadership can make a decision most effectively. Hence the business that aims to pick such people with necessary valet driving skills but see that they have all the right elements of a leader on its own.

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Hard worker

It’s a bit of a common feature required by every individual who needed hiring, the same is applied on the job of personnel aimed to become a member of valet driving.

The companies find a person’s ability of determination and dedication through experience, which is what is needed for drivers to have at the minimum.

Not only that, but people who aimed to become good at doing work without being asked for has all the right elements to handle hard-working features without any trouble. 

A better experience in driving

A job of driving includes the most obvious feature, such as hands-on experience on driving with a clean track record.

Meaning there should be no history of law violations and other bookings. It’s is also compulsory for hospitality companies to have the job of valet driving have a valid license and age to ride the vehicle.

There is some different license considered for various type of vehicles, although its recommended to have a license of four wheels and bikes at the least.

Special eye on cars

A person that likes cars is most suited to go longer with a more colorful career in the valet driving business. There are people with a special interest in cars and enjoy working around with vehicles in general.

These sorts of people are top-notch for valet services and above all, they also take their job seriously and most sincerely.

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Ability to take the business to the next level

Any employee should own a stake in the business, only then they will perform most diligently. Having a sense of ownership on their task and responsibility is quite important to have a sustained and above all thriving business relationship.

Personnel equipped with the sense of responsibility on valet driving job will surely be preferred by anyone, especially a hospitality company.

Sense of safety

Driving with safety should be above everything else for a person responsible for valet driving for a business.

Driving with care along with ensuring that the car doesn’t get scratched, damaged, or spoiled is the most important aspect of the valet driving business, which is considered paramount for every company providing such services in the first place.


A valet driver is well-groomed, meaning it takes on the best clothes, is physically fit, and keeps a positive impression towards their clients.

A good build is also preferred, although the well-suited person is the most suited for valet driving-based jobs.

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Finding the right person for a valet driving job is something hospitality companies are working on and adopting. For a client, all you need is to contact a professional valet driving in Singapore such as Preztigez Asia for your valet needs.