Why full time drivers are better than personal vehicle delivery driver?

People need solutions that are reliable all the way. And it’s our responsibility as being in a service sector to talk about those solutions which are more far-sighted and work on every condition. Here’s why we think full-time drivers are better than personal vehicle delivery driver in Singapore.

Available as per your schedule

When we talk about a personal vehicle delivery driver, these are people who drive their vehicle on the time suitable for them.

They could be people coming back from work and want to drop you from somewhere. Something like a ride-hailing app works.

On the other hand, a full-time driver is more trained and above all completely available for you throughout the day. They will wait for you and drive you around based on your schedule.

Local insight

A full-time driver is excellent for people visiting Singapore for a family trip or corporate event. One of the main reasons is because of local insight.

The driver understands the road more than you can expect from a personal vehicle delivery driver.

They will take charge of your trip in the traveling domain by providing you great insight into the features that the local city has to provide. You can rely on a full-time driver during your entire trip with full confidence.

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No language barrier

Along with information about local traffic and roads, the full-time driver has also a grasp of the local language along with international one.

Since they are trained to deal with people that visit Singapore, they can easily communicate with you and provide excellent advice along the way.

Not only the language is easier to understand but they are also very much hospitable and polite when talking with their customers.

Comes with its car

This is one of the biggest benefits that one cannot expect from a personal vehicle delivery driver that they come with their car which is fully maintained.

It’s usually up to the customer on this end, since they can get just a driver for hire or a driver along with a luxury car of their choice.

When having a car along with driver, people can get picked or dropped from the airport or even enjoy their vacation for a particular duration.

Zero stress

There is various stress that comes with owning a vehicle and being a driver either on your own or hiring a personal vehicle delivery driver.

There’s always the issue of parking, which makes people in great distress if the location of parking is far away.

There’s also the driving of a car in high traffic, that’s when you dream to get a shut-eye and relax in the back seat. This can be done by hiring a professional full-time driver.

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No peak time trouble

As we have explained above, the driver which is hired as a personal vehicle delivery driver comes with its trouble, one of such is peak factor.

Most of the ride-hailing apps have the feature which controls supply and demand of driver within a particular area.

With no peak factor in hiring a full-time driver, a person with such service can rest at ease in having a solid solution that works for them throughout the day at fixed rates.

Handles parking 

Every car’s biggest trouble is parking since it takes a lot of stress on the driver on parking especially within high traffic places.

When you are dealing with personal vehicle delivery driver, they are only available on instance based on your communication within the app.

On the other hand, a full-time driver will communicate with you directly through a phone call and get in the dropping point without you being navigating and finding the driver on your own.


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A full-time driver is a good option especially if you are going for an event or family trip when compared to a personal vehicle delivery driver.

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