Everything you need to know about car rental services in Singapore

Most of the time that is invested during any trip is in driving. Either the driver is you or someone you hired. The trouble is greater if you have an old or faulty car. That’s where car rental services come into assistance.

Many people are still not completely versed about the benefit that car rental services possess for people.

For this very reason, we have compiled some important steps for our readers which explains everything there’s to know about car rental services when you are going to buy a car.

Not to pay for gasoline

As the car is charged per a specific duration, most probably per night, there’s nothing else besides the rent of the car, such as gasoline.

As the car comes with already enough gas, the buyer shouldn’t pay for the gas along with a security deposit.

In most cases, the security deposit is required but it will be returned to you as it is. The cost deduced will be nothing more than per day charges which car rental services have labeled the ride with.

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Car comes insured

Almost every reputable car rental services has its rides completely insured, which means the company can claim in case of accidental damages from the car and not be charged by the customer.

It’s also the responsibility of the customer who goes out to find car rental services is only chosen those companies which are come insured.

There’s usually a little higher rent cost for the day for companies that come insured when compared to uninsured car rental services but it has great benefit when looking for future insights.

Pay by credit card

Most people will object to the mode of payment to be flexible in terms of paying car rental services for the ride, but nowadays, many companies prefer the mode as pay by credit card.

When it goes with cash or debit, many companies have objections in terms of fewer details about the buyer or insecurity with cash.

Charging with a credit card provides information about the client to car rental services as well as surety that charges for the services will be complete and without any hassle for both parties.

Through credit cards, the return of security deposit is also easier and secured when compared to other solutions.

Authority Inspects car at the end

When you are about to return the car to the car rental services after using it, the authority will first inspect the car completely.

The inspection might take some time, depending on the detailed inspection done by the company. It includes checking the interior for any garbage, physical damage to the exterior, and other car functionality.

If there’s some human-based damage caused to the ride, the damage cost will be deducted from the security deposit.

Limit on carrying luggage 

People can hold heavy objects through their rides, that’s what compelled many car rental services to issue a certain luggage carry limit.

Most of the luggage can be stored inside the trunk of the car, but when the luggage is larger, most people use the interior or outside of the car roof.

It’s important to remember that many car rental services offer their rides only for driving purposes which includes people with a limit on luggage since it reduces the performance of the ride.

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Driver cost more

Almost all car rental services provide a driver for hire services as well but with additional cost. The driver is well versed along with all the necessary paperwork for the car.

People who avail the driver along with car has more benefit in terms of experience since the driver will come at your place on time and keep you entertained with their driving work.

At the end of the service, the driver will drive you back into the company, so that you don’t have to worry about driving the car on your own.


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