Traffic marshals are especially useful to assist vehicle owners to park their vehicles and/or to provide directional assistance. These are the people who ensure safe movement of vehicles around a site and reduce the chance that accidents do happen.

Not just that! Traffic marshals can also guide guests to the venue which they are headed to.

It is mandatory to brief the traffic marshals on site before the start of their work, this includes deploying them to their pre-determined spots and they must know what to look out for and to always be alert on road situations. Never take anything for granted and never assume the driver will see you.

Training on safety and the equipment provided to the marshals are an essential part of the work process. Traffic marshals are very often overlooked by drivers, even though they are clad in luminous safety vests and/or carry LED safety light sticks. Why you may ask? I often wonder the same. Marshals play an important role especially during events or areas which are dimly lit or when there are constant movement (in and out) of vehicles.

Some clients may also choose to hire traffic marshals instead of valets for certain types of events.


Good for events to help direct traffic as well as people to where they need to go. Sometimes we come across vehicle owners who do not wish to wind down their windows to speak to our marshals, it is like our marshals are transparent. Our traffic marshals are there to assist.

We have done several types of events ranging from planting marshals within a hotel, on the roads, along the pavements, within a car park and at traffic junctions.

The responsibilities of the traffic marshal therefore start with ensuring that the area around the vehicle is clear and safe before it begins to manoeuvre. The marshal will then walk in the front of the vehicle, clearing any obstructions from the vehicle’s path, while also looking out for anything that could cause an obstacle for its progress or even a distraction for the driver.
Once the path is clear, the marshal will then stand still in a safe position where the driver of the vehicle can see him and communicate with them, regardless of the means used. If there is a long distance movement involved, then the marshal will repeat the process, ensuring each section of the route is clear and that he can stand in a new position for the driver to watch.
While doing this, the marshal should also keep watch for other people in the area as well as other vehicles. This wider environmental awareness can help spot a potential accident or issue before it happens and is as important as any other aspect of the job.

Colleagues on the site can assist the traffic marshals in their role by keeping them up to date with changes in plans or routes. By ensuring they have all the up to date information, the marshal can fulfil their role fully and safely on all occasions.

We hire marshals from as young as 18 years old to the young at heart, as long as they are fit and able to work, we are happy to hire. Safety is our primary concern – we provide our marshals with safety equipment like safety vests, light sticks, flickering stop lights and/or arm bands. We also brief our marshals on site before the start of any event / deployment as each event / deployment is not the same i.e. things to look out for, information they must know, where to direct the guests / cars to etc.

It may seem like a simple job but it requires the marshals to be alert and customer oriented. Not only should a marshal display a pleasant and friendly disposition, a marshal should also be approachable and pro-active.