Some etiquette you can expect from private drivers

There are few things people should understand before hiring private drivers. One of which is what will they bring as a package, along with professional driving skills. It is more known to be in the domain of etiquette.

For this very reason, we have created an article for our readers which explains some of the particulars that you can expect from private drivers as etiquette because, at the end of the day, you are hiring a drive from the hospitality domain.

Always wear seat belts

The etiquette is something more tune towards personality and how the drivers have been trained over the years.

One of which is wearing seat belts all the time. Seat belts are something everyone should wear because it is also considered to be basic law.

The main reason for wearing a seat belt is to ensure that you are adopting a safety precaution during driving as a seat belt is helpful for unforeseeable events.

Never drink and drive

People might slip up with a drink or two among friends or alone without taking much consideration that they are not allowed to drink and drive according to Singapore law.

But when we talk about hired private drivers, they are working for you during driving work, and if you can expect any employee to stay away from alcohol during work, your private drivers will also never drink and drive as it’s considered the most obvious thing for a professional person.

If a person remains sober during driving, you will feel safe and protected that a vigilant person has taken command for driving which greatly assists your protection along with his as well.

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Provide full attention during driving

There are times when you are driving, you might need to attend a call or answer an urgent message, but in doing so, you not only break a safety law but also put the life of yours and others during the entire duration of inattentiveness.

With professional private drivers hired for your needs, you can have a relaxed doze off during travel or even call hours with someone as someone is driving with complete attention.

The driving requires nothing but complete concentration from the driver and as err is with humans, it should be as minimum as possible, and hiring private drivers is just the solution.

Signal during turns

It’s an important notion to give away a signal during turning, as it helps people to receive indication about your turns during driving.

Not doing so will refer to as breaking the law and with itself comes penalty in the form of fines as well as demerit points.

When talking about private drivers, they need to be extremely vigilant in taking care of their employer but also they follow all the traffic rules most fully.

Drive under the speed limit

It’s a given that most offense in Singapore by drivers comes in the form of speeding because it has different zones with different speed limits, proper concentration is needed to adjust the speed limit accordingly.

This is something you can expect from profound private drivers as they are made to follow rules as well as taking all necessary precaution which safeguards yours as well as your loved one’s life.

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Keep a distance from the vehicle ahead 

It’s one of the biggest etiquettes during driving as it provides some breathing space to both your car as well as one that is to your front.

The private drivers will ensure to leave a considerable space that if they are expected to press brake suddenly, no damage will be caused to your cars to theirs for the matter.

Never text and drive

Similarly like drink and drive, private drivers will also never indulge themselves in text and drive as well. If they are subjected to pick up a call during driving, they will first give a signal to turn and stop their car to answer the call.

This is important to note that it helps save their safety as well as keep their track record clean as text and drive is a major offense.

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