What are the duties of private valet in Singapore?

The term private valet is used for valet service hired to carry out guest parking for a single event or hired by an organizer for a night only.

These valets are not given a contract rather they charge their services per hour basis. Let’s understand the duties to expect from a private valet in Singapore.

Greet and welcome guests

The first thing a guest will see when visiting a venue is the private valet service that organizers have hired.

It’s one of the responsibilities of a private valet to greet and welcome guests with a smile so that they feel special.

It is also considered as a basic etiquette that a guest finds quite a big deal when they are greeted with a profound welcome.

Assisting guests with luggage

This is more in correlation with a private valet hired by hotel management. Guest, when came with luggage, should be handled by the valet personnel.

In most cases, when the luggage is not heavy, the valet should ask the guest whether they could handle the bags and wait for a response from the guest.

Help guests in entering and leaving the venue

During the arrival and departure from the venue, the guest should be assisted as much as possible by the private valet.

Some of the assistance needed by the valet is to answer the question asked by a guest, guidance towards the entrance, and keep them updated about the ETA about when their car will arrive.

It’s important to never leave your guest in the dark about the vehicle arrival time and any concerns regarding the valet-related service.

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Help Direct the traffic at the entrance

If the private valet is hired by the event organizer, there is usually extra traffic after the event is over and guest starts to leave the premises.

One of the roles for private valet is to handle the traffic and direct them properly so that traffic jam doesn’t add up.

The valet service comes in the team, which includes drivers, counter personnel, and a traffic marshal who works in tandem so that traffic is controlled and the best service is provided to guests.

Answer questions of guests

Guest sometimes will ask a question to the valet upon arrival which might be related to their vehicle or to the event itself.

It’s one of the responsibilities of the private valet to reply to the queries of the guest in a most adequate manner so that their concerns are fulfilled.

Collect and correctly label keys

On the private valet side, they need to collect the keys from the guest to park the car to a spot.

After they have parked the car, the valet needs to bring the key back to the counter area where it is labeled correctly so that it could be retrieved once the guest shows their ticket to the counter.

Park guests vehicles in predetermine parking spots

The parking spaces are usually predetermined beforehand by the event organizer and a private valet will simply ensure that the parking spot is properly used with better management and improved parking mechanism.

The parking of the car on places is a label on the ticket so that once the guest is about to leave the venue, the details in the retrieval card explain the location where the car is parked which saves a great deal of time.

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Operate vehicle safely

The driver has a great responsibility to operate a vehicle safely and securely. During high traffic moments, extra care is needed by the private valet to handle the vehicle.

Since the very car comes in different sizes and shapes, a good private valet has hands-on experience on different types of vehicles so that they can handle vehicles without any trouble and park it on time.

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The role of private valet is quite simple, to ensure that guest parking is taken care of during their stay at the respective venue.

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