How driver for hire assists in mount Elizabeth orchard parking

No one likes to go to the hospital, most importantly if you are visiting as a patient, although an important facility that takes care of the health and handles health emergencies. One such hospital is called Mount Elizabeth orchard located in Singapore. We would like to talk about Mount Elizabeth Orchard Parking and how it’s extremely hard to find a place.

The need for this article is to explain a bit about how drivers for hire can come into your rescue during emergencies when you have to deal with Mount Elizabeth Orchard Parking whether you like it or not.

Where is mount Elizabeth orchard parking?

Let’s first discuss the whereabouts of Mount Elizabeth Orchard Parking. It’s located in Singapore and its simple address is Mount Elizabeth Hospital, 3 Mount Elizabeth, Singapore.

The Mount Elizabeth Orchard parking lot itself is quite vast but has a limited number of slots where the car can be parked.

If that’s not enough, there’s a standard rate that is charged when a vehicle is parked at the hospital.

Having a hired help such as a professional driver could negate the use of Mount Elizabeth Orchard Parking and it can stay active outside the premises and can visit you once you called the person.

Some etiquette you can expect from private drivers

Rates for mount Elizabeth orchard parking

Talking about the rates for Mount Elizabeth Orchard Parking, the administration has divided the parking rates depending on the time slots.

Below are the current parking rates which are charged per specific slot and charged every 30 minutes.

Monday to Saturday:

– 6:30am to 8:00am: $2.50 per 30 minutes

– 8:00am to 11:00am: $3.30 per 30 minutes

– 11:00am to 6:30pm: $3:00 per 30 minutes

– After 6:30pm: $4.00 per entry

Sunday and Public Holiday:  $4.00 per entry

Drop-off/Pick up grace period: 15 minutes

Option for valet parking

There is an option for valet parking available at Mount Elizabeth Orchard Parking. Having a valet parking service helps in fixing the trouble of parking the car yourself.

As for hospital requirements, when you are looking to bring a patient, it also secures you with bringing the car to the exit premises of the hospital.

As for rates and which time valet parking is available for Mount Elizabeth Orchard Parking, they are found to be working around Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 5:3pm and Saturday from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm. They are not available on Sundays and during Public holidays.

Talking about the rates, the valet for Mount Elizabeth Orchard Parking charges $10 and you need to pay them during handling the key.

The car can be received from the security department later by showing your token.

Other parking options

Many times there is not enough space in Mount Elizabeth Orchard Parking. If that’s the case, you can find parking in the nearby areas.

Some of the places the near location for Mount Elizabeth Orchard are at parking lots at Paragon Shopping Center, York Hotel, or Elizabeth Hotel.

All of these areas are within the walking distance of the Mount Elizabeth Orchard Hospital.

Importance to hire drivers in Singapore for tourists

How driver for hire help?

As the crux of today’s topic is to discuss how a hired driver can assist you with the job of Mount Elizabeth Orchard Parking.

Not just the parking but a driver can assist you in picking and dropping either you or your guest. That’s also extended towards the patient who might have just discharged from the hospital.

Having a solid driver behind the wheel of your car, there’s no need to pay parking rates as the person will be keeping the car under his supervision. Also, the person will look after your car hence you will remain relaxed throughout the time.


Want to hire a professional driver for mount Elizabeth orchard parking

It’s the job of a person who understands the role of a hired driver to take care of troubles for Mount Elizabeth Orchard Parking and saves cost. If that’s the case, simply contact Preztigez Asia, which offers a wide range of driver services in Singapore.