Difference between private and bus driver in Singapore

In any metropolitan, you can categorize transportation into two classes, private and public. That’s lead us to the question what is the defining differences between private and a public bus driver in Singapore.

For the same reason, we tried to list some major factors that users can get from availing the services from the private driver than relying on a public bus driver in Singapore.

Saves time

A private driver is all yours for the time being. You can utilize them as per your schedule which ensures that you do things at your own pace or even better.

On the other hands, the public bus driver in Singapore run on a strict schedule and many time people have to wait for the bus to arrive on time.

That’s some of the prime reason why people avail the private driver services from a respectable company so that they can save time in their schedule.

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Safe and secure

A private driver is safe and secure cause of many reasons. One is that the ride is small and easier to control.

While it’s your choice to pick the best private driver for the job. On the other hand, the bus driver in Singapore is someone who comes off without your say.

Although they do have a valid driver’s license and knows how to operate a large bus, it’s still not considered secure when compared with a private ride.


It’s a definite thing that your car along with a private driver is way more comfortable when compared to transport driven by a bus driver in Singapore.

Some reasons for comfortable is of course the personal ride is suited for you while you can relax in any way possible.

On the other hand, in public transport and depending on the rush hours, there are times when you have to travel while standing, which is surely not comfortable in the least terms.

Chauffeur services

There are various types of private drivers who can assist you through their driving solutions. While going one step above with driver status, the riders who are more tuned to drive luxurious rides are known as chauffeur services.

It’s no secret that people can avail chauffeur without any discrimination and companies that offer chauffeur will only offer terms that include cost and duration of the chauffeur driver.

While bus driver in Singapore only drives a bus around, people can never enjoy the experience which they can get through a dedicated chauffeur service in Singapore.


There’s no accountability with public transport. Whether they are driving correctly or not, or if you find them offending, you can’t do much as it’s a public ride.

The private driver on the other hand represents their company’s reputation. Even if you find them a bit out of the ordinary, the element of accountability is still at the table.

For people who are critical of proper ethics for the driver, availing of the services of the private driver in Singapore is a good option.

How to hire my personal driver in Singapore?


Professionalism is something you can expect from a dedicated private driver. The driver that rides your car will more be inclined towards providing you services that you are paying for.

As for a bus driver in Singapore, you don’t own the driver hence only using the transport at cheap rates.

Professionalism will not be guaranteed and as the public transport main objective is to travel within a route, many people don’t look for professionalism for bus driver in Singapore in the first place.

Customer service

The company that handles private driver services is all about customer service. The customer remains the leading element and providing them relief through driving solutions remains at the prime consideration.

On the other hand, the job of a bus driver in Singapore is to drive a bus from point A to point B. The customer service is hardly a matter for public transport. They just have to pass the time during their travels.


Want to try out our private drivers rather than a bus driver in Singapore?

A private driver comes with 24/7 availability with no restriction on the routes. The bus driver in Singapore on the other hand are neither available all day and neither go everywhere on small notice.

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