What is the difference between chauffeur personal driver and driver for hire?

A company that offers chauffeur personal driver also offer services of a driver for hire. The main question that comes here is what is the difference between chauffeur personal driver and driver for hire?

This article aims to provide the main factors which differentiate between a chauffeur personal driver and a normal driver for hire because their rates are also different and people would like to know the reason for it.

Eye for details

A driver’s main goal is to provide their driving service to the client, which includes driving from point A to point B.

A normal driver offers just that but a chauffeur personal driver provides more than that. Since chauffeur personal driver is usually hired by top-rated businesses, the driver understands that following schedule is the most important element for the driver to follow.

The chauffeur personal driver will make plans A, B, or C which help them to overcome day-to-day challenges in achieving punctuality.

Luxury vehicle

The normal driver for hire can drive any vehicle, whether it’s a hunchback, sedan, or even a bus. While a chauffeur personal driver is only designated to drive the luxurious vehicle as it standardizes the element of class.

With you hire chauffeur personal driver service, you will get a luxury vehicle along with the service, such as a Limousine or Mercedes Benz.

The thing about the luxury car for people to avail themselves along with chauffeur drivers is that it holds more class and status when compared to normal drivers for hire.

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Behavior and Appearance

Let’s discuss the driver’s appearance and what impact does it have on the client’s choice?

The appearance of a regular driver is standard as you can expect. They were in normal clothes and their behavior is also standard.

While a chauffeur personal driver is an ideal choice if you need a driver that comes with a suit and a tie. The behavior of this chauffeur is also commendable towards their clients.

Customer Service

A customer sometimes needs more than just driving, what they need is customer service as well, which is important if you are hiring a driver for a guest.

The positive impression can only come towards the customer service and how the driver is conversing with the guest through gestures and their choice of words.

This needs proper training which you can only expect through a professional driver or in other words chauffeur personal driver.

Positive attitude

A driver will be treated as a host in most cases, especially if you are expecting a guest to ride with you.

The driver will provide insight about locality, information about a company which they represent, and also value your private conversation which driving.

All of this comes under having a positive attitude which chauffeur personal drivers possess through training and experience.

Pride in their job

An employee can only make your client happy if they are happy. Meaning chauffeur personal drivers are usually those people who have more pride over their work.

They are generally categorized under high standards and customers are also hard-wired to treat chauffeur with respect.

The driver for hire will be subjected to the adequate conversation since their main goal is to provide driving service to the best of their ability.

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Communication skills

As one might comply that chauffeur personal driver has the more conservative skill set concerning high profile clients.

This is because of the training that they acquire in the hospitality sector such as greeting, signing off, and how to consult with the client through the best choice of words.

The driver for hire on the other hand has the basic communication skills which help them to carry out their duties of driving a car from point A to point B.


There’s great importance over etiquette for drivers than we can ever imagine. The work ensures that a driver must show their best behavior which could be regarded as close to the idea. It’s something you can expect from a chauffeur driver.

The ordinary driver has rudimentary etiquette which usually corresponds to remain silent and ask when spoken to.

Interested to hire a chauffeur personal driver in Singapore?

With some main differences between chauffeur and ordinary driver for hire, the biggest one is the cost. But chauffeur is irreplaceable in certain places such as when driving a Limo.

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