What are challenges faced in hotel parking by customers?

Customers are the kings, so has been mentioned countless times among hospitality businesses. Although when it comes to hotel parking, there are some issues faced by customers in larger numbers.

Hotel management can understand more than anyone else that when customers have to park their vehicle, the issue rises one after another, which can only be fixed by hiring a professional valet service.

Importance of hotel parking

We would like to convey the importance of hotel parking, although most of the hostel doesn’t have a dedicated parking place or not as big as the people that visit the place.

For that, having a valet service to do the hotel parking is one of the best services every hotel management requires.

One of the biggest advantages of having a professional valet service has the hotel parking is covered so that you the customer only have to drop and picked from the hotel entrance, hence improving the overall hotel experience.

Problem faced in the hotel parking

Let’s talk about the topic at hand, about the common problem faced by hotel parking mostly by your valued customers.

Learning about this problem also helps in rectifying for people belonging to a hospitality sector, whether it’s a hotel, motel, or any form of booked residency for customers.

Lack of parking spots

As we have mentioned before, for the majority of the hotel the parking spots are quite limited. Due to limited space, your customer bound to park their cars wrongly and as a result of that, they get a parking ticket from the authorities.

This overall hurts the hotel experience since a type of stress builds up continuously among your customers day and night as they would hurry up towards their parking spot to see any form of damage to their vehicle.

What are different types of car parking valet in Singapore?

Imbalance parking space among different hotels

Most of the hotels are located within a central area where many hotels are placed for the easiness of customers to choose from.

But the thing about hotel parking is that we can’t park a vehicle on other hotel reserved parking spots.

And in any place, the hotel paring space is unevenly balanced so there are times when people have faced a tremendous challenge as to park their vehicle but has to go a long-distance call so they can park easily without any trouble.

High parking tariffs

In Singapore, there are places where parking has high tariffs which are either charged by the hour or even by minutes.

Depending on the locality, and day of the week, the cost will differ for hotel parking. Although the customer has to look out for costing even when parking their car.

They would prefer if the parking comes under the hotel booking package so that they don’t have sense any type of inconvenience.

Traffic congestion

In the hotel business, everything revolves around the first impression. Although if the customer finds huge traffic congestion due to bad parking near the hotel entrance, they will find it a bit unattractive or might leave due to the same reason.

It has been observed that if there’s no traffic controlling marshal on the premises of the hotel, the traffic will bound to be congested.

How a valet helps in hotel parking for customer

Not let’s see how a valet helps in hotel parking for customers. Valet are professional drivers who will be located at the entrance only to take the keys to the customer’s vehicle to park the car.

When a hotel hires services of valet, they might hire based on a contract or for the customer‘s benefit as an option.

Either way, here are some of the big saving points which can be possible through hotel parking for customers.

6 tips for hiring valet parking services for events in Singapore

Saves times

The time saving by a valet is like even an hour or more, depending on the high traffic in a hotel.

When you hire a professional valet, all you have to do is get out of your vehicle in front of the hotel entrance and receive a ticket from the valet while giving away the car keys. The total time might that might take would be no more than a few seconds.

Reduce stress

The stress of parking haunts customers even during dinner time. But if you have a professional valet parking the car, they will take complete responsibility for your vehicle so that you can relax during your stay.

Looking to hire professional valet services for your hotel parking in Singapore?

For every management working in a hotel, a valet can truly be a business boaster as it makes your hotel prominent in terms of status while making your guests happy.

If you are interested to hire valet services in Singapore, simply contact Preztigez Asia which offers professional valet service along with a traffic marshal that handles any form of traffic.