What is the best personal chauffeur cars in Singapore?

Often we have heard that personal chauffeur is known to be the most hospitable drivers you can get. It also a general understanding that chauffeur comes with their luxury cars.

That makes us realize which type of car is best suited for a personal chauffeur in Singapore. For the same reason, we have compiled some of the best personal chauffeur cars in Singapore which you can expect them to drive for you.

Mercedes Benz S600

The thing about Mercedes Benz is it’s considered a universal luxury car and is usually a number one choice when hiring a personal chauffeur.

With its S-Class, the length of the Mercedes Benz is increased to 8 lengths when compared to the standard S-Class.

The main thing about any car is that passengers could ride it comfortably, which can be ensured through leather seats, calf support, heel rest, and around six different massage programs.

What to expect from the chauffeur from hired limousine service?

Audi A8 L Extended

Audi A8 is a car of true class, with features like Wi-Fi, 22-way comfort seats along five different massage functions. If the car is being accompanied by a personal chauffeur, the Audi A8 L Extended or known as “King Size” is the right on the spot.

Audi A8 L Extended has been selected as the best luxury car in 2016 as well as one of the top cars to drive during night city life.

One of the exclusive features of Audi A8L Extended is that its build on a custom order with features that are all custom selected by the customer. A truly luxurious ride.

Rolls Royce Phantom

It’s no secret that the most expensive car is Rolls Royce Phantom, and there’s a reason for that. The car comes invariants and style which is custom-made by most expert car makers.

The famous hand-built car, Rolls Royce Phantom is only suited by a personal chauffeur because of its high reputation.

Inside the car, there’s you’ll find a drink cabinet and other center components with the coach doors opening. But nothing comes closer than Rolls Royce’s signature touch “the magic carpet” smooth ride that makes the car the best choice among elites.

Porsche Panamera Executive

One of the common things that we have noticed in our list of best personal chauffeur cars in Singapore is that they are all custom ordered, the same can be said for Porsche Panamera Executive.

With the car of comfort, passengers can have 4.7 inches of legroom along with electronically adjustable seats makes the ride something to remember. Porsche Panamera Executive has been named as the 6 best luxury car of 2014 as well.

As the Porsche maintains its ultra-high luxury element, they have not compromised on its speed and power, which is over 420 hp so to speak.

What to expect from Singapore limousine services?

Lexus LS

Talking about premium passenger cars, nothing can come closer to Lexus LS. As a personal chauffeur, Lexus LS offers comfort and relaxation for passengers with 36.7-inch leg space and adjustable seats.

Some other high-end features in a Lexus LS are four-zone Climate Concierge power sunshades and power reclining seats with different massage functions.

Additionally, with the entertainment system of Blue-ray disk player and LCD TV mounted over the back seats and front for an overall enjoyment during long trips.

Land Rover Range Rover SVAutobiography

There’s a reason that Queen of England is chauffeured in a Land Rover, especially because of its extravagant comfort for its rear seaters.

As the seats are inclined to their right position, making people in ultimate rest position, along with some extra space into the bag.

Land Rover Range Rover SVAutobiography holds most points as it provides more just the comfortable seats. The inside compartment holds a bottle-chiller, coat hooks, and powered deployable tables.

Jaguar XJ

The car that personal chauffeur loves to drive is something that speaks luxury and comfort. If you want something more out of it, consider some personalities choice for a car, such as Queen of England. That’s where Jaguar XJ comes into consideration.

The Jaguar XJ comes with a long wheel back solution with around 5 inches of extra space around the legroom.

Seat massage function, leather seats, fold tables, and electric window blinders among some features which Jaguar XJ provides to its customers.

Looking to hire a personal chauffeur along with a luxury car in Singapore?

There are plenty of fantastic rides that you can hook yourself along with a personal chauffeur in Singapore.

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