What are the Benefits of hotel with valet parking?

There are various types of hotels in Singapore. Some are known as a hotel with valet parking, while others ask the guest to park their vehicle on the hotel’s parking lot.

In this article, we will delve into the benefits of a hotel with valet parking and how it helps the hospitality business tremendously.

Increase parking capacity

The parking capacity no matter how large is will always be limited especially during peak days, such as holidays or during special discounts by hotel management.

If you let guests decide on the parking spot, it might be possible that there would be extra space left between cars.

One way to fix this is to hire a valet parking service which will ensure that all cars parked are according to the correct spot as well as increase the parking capacity when done in a calculated manner.

The flexibility of your garage

Some hotel, especially within the city center, has a garage or parking lot either at the underground or with multi-storied.

For a hotel with valet parking, the parking done in the garage is secure and more flexible, since the guest doesn’t have to worry to park their vehicles once they arrive at the entrance.

The valet experts will take the guest’s car and park safely and securely. Once the guest is about to leave, all they have to do is provide them their parking ticket so that the valet professional may fetch the vehicle back.

How much tip should we give to hotel valet service?

Less stress for car accidents

In the hotel, the parking lot is usually tightly packed. It might be possible that your car could be damaged or scratched while parking in tight spots.

For a hotel with valet parking, this is not the case. The professional drivers will be handling your vehicle for parking and taking it back at your request.

Also to our benefit, most of the professional valet companies are insured, so if there is some sort of damage to the vehicle, you will be covered by the company.

Safer environment

One thing that every hotel management tried to achieve is to provide a safer environment for their guest.

As far as the guest’s vehicle is concerned, a hotel with valet parking is the right answer which makes sure that vehicles are properly parked and looked after so that clients can rest assured about their rides.

Increase revenue for organizations

A hotel with valet parking will have more ratings in terms of better guest experience and an element of luxury when compared to a hotel without valet parking.

Guest will prefer going to the hotel with valet parking and the hotel can also charge higher to the guest as they are providing additional convenience.

This overall increases the revenue of hotel management as well as makes their name outreach through effective word of mouth marketing.

What are the responsibilities to avail hotel valet parking jobs?

Enhance convenience

Guest find it way more convenient when the hotel offers valet parking solutions. All they need is to reach the hotel entrance and let the drive take care of their ride for parking purposes.

Valet will not just handle your vehicle professionally and with great care but also make sure that you don’t have to spend time finding the right spot for parking.

Better security

Your vehicle will be well looked after and secured for a hotel with valet parking. The hotel’s management hires professional valet companies only for the sake of better security as well as to ensure that guests are well looked after from the start.

Controlled traffic

One thing the hotel management hate is to see traffic congestion at the entrance. Not only does it add to a negative impression for potential guests but also adds stress on your existing guest who finds it haphazard to leave the premises.

When a hotel with valet parking comes into play, what they do is control the traffic by hiring a traffic marshal while the car doesn’t get wasted at the entrance since it’s being controlled by the valet.

Want to find out more about the benefits of availing valet parking for your event?

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