How to avoid getting a penalty for drink driving in Singapore?

Everyone has the right to enjoy their nights out among friends, but that doesn’t give them an open ticket to not follow as per law. This want makes up to talk something about how to avoid getting a penalty for drink driving in Singapore.

The penalty for a penalty for drink driving in Singapore is high. Not just the offender will have to pay a fine of about $10,000 but they will be barred from driving for up to 4 years. In some heavy offenses, the offender could also award jail time for up to 2 years.

All of this is considered as a penalty, but the offense can also make your track record disrupted, which affects your future gravely. Below we have compiled some best solutions you can consider avoiding getting a penalty for drink driving in Singapore at all cost.

Stay with the legal drink limit 

According to Singapore Traffic Act, drink driving has a legal limit of 35 micrograms of alcohol in 100 mm of breath which is around 4 glasses of alcohol per 73 kg male.

Although it’s important to stay away from drinking it has been observed that some events and parties provide alcoholic beverages, and people had to show off among their peers to drink few glasses.

If you stay within the limit, it’s ok for you to drive without any chance of getting a penalty for drink driving in Singapore.

What are the penalties for drink driving in Singapore?

Choose a professional driver for night outs

During nights out among friends or alone, there’s no better solution than hiring a professional driver who will pick you up from your home and drop you back.

The role of the driver is to drive the vehicle with complete attention, whether you or your friends are heavily affected by alcohol overdoes.

There’s no legal trouble when a passenger is not capable of driving the vehicle while the driver is completely into their senses.

Try to avoid alcohol when going alone

It’s important to avoid alcoholic beverages when going alone. People often get overboard while going for few glasses and there’s no one to hold them off.

One of the bad effects of alcohol is that people don’t realize how much they are consuming until someone else lets them know.

Often people get charged with a penalty for drink driving in Singapore because of not taking the alcohol consumption in check and getting overboard because they were alone.

Never get to the pressure of friends to drink

Drinking with friends is something people need to avoid when night outs. People often get drunk when going with friends and get overboard.

Whenever people find the friends pressuring them to drink alcohol. It should be avoided as much as possible because when going home through driving, there a chance of penalty for drink driving in Singapore.

Talking out to friends to avoid driving is nothing short of a challenge and it came to many people attended that when going out among friends, always let them know that you need to drive later and avoid being offended for a penalty for drink driving in Singapore.

How personal driver reduces the risks of drunk driving in Singapore?

Be responsible 

When driving over roads, everyone should be very careful to not damage anyone’s car neither their own, because everyone has the right to drive without any trouble.

It’s up to a person’s choice to remain vigilant to understand the concept of responsibility while driving, for that they should try to avoid drinking as much as possible.

Hire a taxi if you’re drinking heavy

If someone cannot keep their drinking habit under control that easily, and don’t have a backup driver waiting outside, they can always hire a taxi.

Hiring a taxi will ensure that no penalty for drink driving in Singapore is applied over the overdosed person and the safety and security of one’s life and the property is also ensured.

Want to hire a personal driver to secure from the penalty for drink driving in Singapore?

People might get an idea to live their lives freely and without any worry, or because of any happiness, they couldn’t control their urges to get over drinking.

If that’s the case, simply contact Preztigez Asia which offers a professional driving solution for people in Singapore.